Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hijab looks weird on me!

Ever since I wore hijab the other week, I've been wanting more and more to wear hijab. I haven't since (just no real opportunity...) but I've been shopping for some hijabs and accessories. I need some underscarves and I like the simplicity of the al-amiras so I was looking to buy some of those - the two piece ones so that I kill two birds with one stone (have underscarves to wear with other scarves as well as being able to wear it with the al-amira it goes with, or others by mix and matching).

As much as I've gotten used to seeing myself in hijab from wearing it mostly for prayer, I generally don't like the way I look with it still... It's like I'm not 100% comfortable with the way it makes me look. I was more comfortable with it before. Maybe it's because my hair was always tied before and I've since cut it short and it's always down (simply not long enough to be tied).

Also I have a long oval face and wear glasses and it just seems to look weird sometimes. The material can't fall in a nice shape around my face because of the glasses, and the shape it gives because of my face is just long-looking. Ugh! And I have a very average-looking face. No feature to really play off and no feature that needs hiding either. All I can do is *be*. lol.
What would you guys suggest for a long face with glasses?
How did you overcome feeling like you just didn't look good with hijab?

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Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Differently wrapped scarves can look very different on your face shape. I don't have glasses, but I have a somewhat long face with a big forehead. I think scarves look best on me if they come down to the eyebrows in the front, with the fabric draped more loosely around the chin area. I would suggest the mona or kuwaiti hijabs rather than the plain al amira. They have an attached shayla that you can drape more nicely and pin or tuck in. When you have some time, play with some styles and figure out what works, that way you can get a scarf on more quickly in a pinch.

Anisah said...

masha'Allah , I had to giggle at this..
seriously.. do u think I look good with Hijab?lol's not to look good :P

When I started with Hijab I used a lot of amira's I still do.. they really are the easiest and best looking as far as I am concerned !

would you like to go shopping at jean Talon? there is an Islamic store there.....halal meat too! not to mention the fresh fruit and vegies. all comes with practice and after time , you will feel differently. I swear ! now I feel weird without a hijab hehehe.
not that I actually brush my hair much lol

Glasses are difficult.. I never wear mine unless I really gotta. I have contacts :)
I will ask a good sister, friend of mine what she has for advice. She was the very first person to show me how to wear hijab masha'Allah.

( ahh sweet memories ! )

ya and I use my al amira scarves under some hijabs as well... even some plain underscarves under an al amira !

sooo.. like..we get the rest of our furniture soon incha'Allah..and u all r gonna be invited so get the hubby ready!

Salams fer now

Wrestling said...

I think the Turkish style (or square scarf) actually works better with glasses, because it's looser around the top. I'm familiar with that problem! I think it's a style that tends to look best on someone with a "long" face too, lol.

Anonymous said...

My glasses are delicate wire-rimmed numbers, but alhamdulillah I have basically zero problem with them under an amira. Then I just wrap a long shawl over the amira, since I have it underneath I don't have to worry about anything but the artistic effect with the shawl. You have my e-mail address probably - if not I can figure out how to get it to you in a reasonably private manner, and then you can friend me on Facebook. My profile pics have about 10 of my favorite hijab looks, some with an amira and a hat, some with an amira and a scarf and perhaps various embellishments.

NeverEver said...


I wear glasses too, but my face is more square. For comfort I put my glasses over the part of the scarf that is closest to my head and under the outer layer when I wrap a shayla/pashmina. this way the glasses don't distort the side of the hijab.

If you want I can take a picture and e-mail it to you if you give me your e-mail. I'm not sure how well I explained it lol.

When i was starting to get ready for hijab i just looked at loooots of styles and played until I found an easy one that i liked. inshaAllah you will find one :-)

P.S. i don't like the al-amiras... they make my head look mucho weird. like a swim cap. eck. i allllways stick to a shayla or pashmina because they give more coverage and are prettier and less itchy, lol.

safaona said...

really you still have to search within yourself why you want to wear hijab>>>

no real oppotunity?? you mean you are never in presence of non mahram?

And looking good for who?? wearing hijab is not wearing an accessory to your ensemble of the day..

LK said...

This style might suit you well and its comfortable

I have some issues with needing to break up the space because I have a really round face and strong jaw but for an oval it should work fine. I find it to be very comfortable with sunglasses.

It takes a long time to find what you like. I thought this would be the only style I would do because I could never get use to that pin under my chin....then I saw how a square scarf looked and changed my mind about the pin lol

Nurul said...


Subhanallah. I'm glad that u're thinking more about wearing the hijab, Candy. That is so good to read :). Firstly, u should try all different kind of hijabs. Actually it's the type of materials that really helps the hijab to be shaped properly. Over here, a lot of girls with glasses wear the 'bawal' hijab. It's a specialty of Malaysian hijab. Hehe. Maybe u should change the shape of ur glasses or wear contact lenses? :)

Also, I'm sorry but I can't stand the comment above. Sister, Candice is trying to find the strength to wear hijab. She's a new revert to Islam. Instead of giving a comment like that, could u please like give her some encouragement in a nice way? SHE WANTS TO WEAR HIJAB. Different people has different story. Unless we know Candice personally, please stop judging her. And Allah knows best. Also, it's encouraged in Islam to wear nice things and look comfortable and clean in it. If u wanna look terrible in ur hijab, it's ur choice. But Candice would like to look nice while doing it for Allah SWT. (I make du'a for u Candy). This is how she feels, IN HER BLOG. Please say something nice. In Islam, if we don't have anything nice to say, it's better to remain silent.

I'm sorry, but I just can't stand a comment like that. Allah forgives me.

Anisah said...

I agree with Narul!

Where Candice and I live there are like NO muslims..much less Hijabis !

When we decide to wear Hijab it's really difficult because it's sooo different. Especially the town she lives in where there are a lot of Quebecers that have never been to a multicultural place...or even KNOWN anyone that is Muslim or of any other culture. Not even been outside their Province sometimes!

Soooo.. She needs to be as positive as possible. She has to look good for her job that she is accepted. It's more positive and easier to be accepted if , lets say someone compliments on the scarf...

So judging is really not a good thing in this case ( or any other as far as I am concerned)

Until you can stand in her shoes and fully understand the situation.. then u should really not say things like that.


When she is more used to wearing a scarf...and more comfortable, she will ( like me ) not really care too much about appearances.. its all a gradual thing.

Btw Candice..I think ur doing great :) hugs !

Mrs. S said...

I agree with Stacy. Try the Kuwaiti hijabs. They're sort of the amira in that they're one piece but the attached shayla portion affords a little more style. Fabric also makes a big difference, in my opinion, in how the amira looks.

In regards to glasses with the hijab just get creative with the frames. Switch up the shape and color and think of them as another opportunity to show your style. I have a friend who's mantra is to accessorize whenever possible, and I highly agree!

Candice said...

Stacy: I have a *gigantic* forehead (you've seen on Facebook!) Draping around the chin really sounds like a good idea. I don't have any good underscarves but I try the look with other scarves, putting it lower or higher and it's not quite the same as a real underscarf. Most ones I tried made it look sloppy which is not what I'm going for. But I think covering this giant forehead of mine would help.

Anisah: I wrote you a message on Facebook!

Wrestling: I have a weird relationship with the Turkish hijab. I don't love the look of it, even though it is more flattering to my face... I think it's dumb, but this style feels "foreign" to me. I guess it's because my husband is Egyptian so those are the styles for headscarf that feel more normal to me (except the "special" Egyptian styles with lots of scarves).

Caraboska: No, I don't have your email! Message me through my profile on here with it and I will give you my info for FB. :)

NeverEver: I think I understand! But if the underscarf is over your ears, don't the glasses slip down?

Safona: I never said I wore hijab to look good/sexy/attractive. I said I didn't *feel* comfortable with the way I look in it just yet, and definitely I want to feel good in hijab. I don't think hijab=ugly. A person can be perfectly modest and still look presentable, tidy, and just nice and that's what I want.

LK: Thanks for the link, it looks nice!

Nurul: Thank you for your support from the comment I received.
What is bawal exactly??

Candice said...

Aww, thanks, Anisah : )

Mrs. S. I will definitely buy at least one Kuwaiti to try it out. I like that I can use the underscarf from the al-amira with other scarves and even other al-amira hoods though, and in the Kuwaiti, it's just one set that cannot be broken up. But it does seem to allow for a more stylish look.

wantowearhijab said...

I have the exact same prob-glasses, long oval face. I also don't like the way amira hijabs look w/ my glasses (the way the materiallies), but I don't know how to pin a hijab and don't know the differencees between them. I would also like to wear hijab, inshAllah.

Nurul said...

Would u like it if I send u a bawal hijab from here? Actually it's the material that helps to shape and set the hijab properly. It looks like turkish hijab, but different material. :)

Texan in UAE said...

I used to wear these in Germany. :) Just stumbled upon your cute little blog. :)))

Jamilah said...

Asalamu Alaikum

I have a friend who says she has a 'pea head' and she uses the square hijab folded into a triangle, pinned under her chin and then takes the pieces and pins them to her shoulder and up on the side of her head... it looks nice.

I like the huge giant scarves.... the ones you wrap around and they still cover your whole upper body. You can also try pashminas... they are warm in winter and pretty cool in summer... and they are easy to wrap around and pin...

Candice said...

I'm starting to feel convinced that the square scarves are for me. I only have one square scarf and it's way too small to cover well but I tried it on anyway and it really seems to frame the face much better than others.

NeverEver said...

no, it doesn't slip down alhamdulillah but it could be that the fabric I have my pashminas in is not a very "slippery" fabric. My glasses just sit on the little bump at the top of my ear under the last layer of my wrap. :-)

If you are thinking of wearing the square kind (which are normally kind of silky or chiffon-y [lol] or something like that) they may tend to slip more. Best to just try and see :-)

Good luck with it.

Also like to ditto Nurul and Anisah :-P as per usual I suppose

Random thoughts said...

The point of the Hijab is to hide one's beauty not to flaunt it. So trying to figure out what styles will make you look beautiful in your Hijab I think just defeats the purpose of the Hijab.

Candice said...

Random thoughts: I got a comment similar to your's already up there... So I feel like I've already responded...

Hajar said...

Assalamualaikum sis,

First and foremost, mabrook on wearing the hijab!!!

IMHO, it takes time for us to get accustomed to wearing the hijab. I suggest you try various kinds and from there, try to determine which material/style suits you most.

May Allah S.W.T make it easy on you sis. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Candice.. I have same problem as yours and i have recently decided to take hijab. I want to know how are you styling your hijab? Ni also have a huge forhead with long face and slightly pointed chin.

Will be waiting for your response :)

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