Monday, February 8, 2010

Have some respect!!!

I really wanted to yell this at lunch today with some co-workers. One co-worker in particular is very anti-religion and was going on about how useless marriage is, how stupid (literally used that word) people are who go and get married in church if they don't attend it regularly. We are Catholic here, but there are few people who practice. It's more cultural here but that's the way it is and somewhere, I know it's still meaningful to them... Her daughter's father is pushing for the daughter to do her sacraments lately. It used to be taken care of in public school but isn't anymore so parents who want their children to do these sacraments have to enroll them in courses outside of school. I think that's perfectly fine. She was complaining about this of course. I guess I understand that if it's meaningless for her, she feels as though it's meaningless for her daughter too. A total waste of time. But it was the attitue that came with it, you know? Her daughter is 12 and obviously agreed to do these courses when her dad asked her. She's a pretty independant young girl. It seems like if she agrees and *might* get something out of it, and the dad is paying, then what is the problem?

But the thing that almost made me yell that at her was when she talked about a friend of her's who once told her he had been sick and "put it in God's hands" and that's when he began to feel better. He was telling her it was because of God that he had gotten over his illness. She tells us, "I told him: Which side do you want me to slap you on?!" and went on about how she ridiculed him.

Sounds like he was on his way to realizing how much God gives us and he had to get ridiculed... I hate these conversations.

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Suslique said...

Oooh i get amazed by people like that. If they dont believe in God and they dont care why do they spend so much energy and time arguing with religious/spiritual people? for example i'm not a bhuddist and i dont care about bhuddism hence i'm not interested in discussing it!

Candice said...

Yeah, I don't know why she puts so much effort into discussing it! She's very opinionated... With the way she presents her points of views, others around her just shut down. One girl at the table is very envolved with her church and it actually came out of her mouth that she didn't agree with religion! I was like... huh? She's openly religious! But not Catholic and I understand she probably didn't feel it was her place to argue since she doesn't agree with catholicism... In a way I wasn't any better. But I'm not openly Muslim or religious. It's clear at my office that I respect Islam, and I'm sure there's suspicion that I am, but it's in no way open. Not ready yet, you know..?

Suslique said...

i guess each person has their own "tactic" when it comes to religion. I think graduality is very important. but prolonging too much will not bring any benefit either. Allahu alim. And even if u were openly religious arguing with that woman would be meaningless anyway. Been there done that. i think the best dawah for people like her is being an example of a good muslim and what islam is all about, which means being a kind, emotionally stable, honest, hardworking person (and many other positive points), and not being involved in argues and pointless discussions. because if u once lose your nerve and say something rude to her she will go all "ooooh yes this proves that u muslims are agressive and violent!".
Anyways.. Have a nice day :)

Candice said...

Suslique: So true... I would not have won anything with her by arguing. I'm not much of an argu-er though anyway. I just told her yesterday that personally, I respected that the man had gotten something positive out of her experience with God, no matter how pointless she felt it was, and that it shouldn't be discouraged.

You're also right about dawah. I've been thinking about this lately even though I'm not "out" as a Muslim. I still try to do my best in terms of dawah. It's limiting that they don't know I'm Muslim, but at least I can still show the good points of the religion and possibly make someone interested in learning more.

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