Wednesday, February 10, 2010

10 things every Muslim should do

I got these from this webpage so please click for the article, but I will just re-post the 10 things listed in my own words (and my thoughts in italics, which really echo what the person is saying) to keep it shorter and easy to read. Because it's really worth reading! What great ways to just add that much more Islam to your life.

1) sponsor an orphan - a thing that is so encouraged in Islam in both the Qur'an and hadith.

2) subscribe to 3 Muslim magazines - not something we'd all think of, but it really encourages media by fellow Muslims, and the content can only be beneficial. Anyone have any ideas for Muslim magazines? Although honestly, I'd go with 1 mag... Not a mag girl, yknow? Anyone who likes magazines should really try to have as many Muslim ones as non-Muslim, I think.

3) go to the masjid at least once a week with the family - be part of the local Muslim community and teach your children the beauty of these places of worship! The mosque should be an important place for a Muslim.

4) if your child is not in an Islamic school, enroll them in Saturday/Sunday Islamic school - just :) .

5) buy 1 book, audio, or video produced by a Muslim every month - similar to the Muslim magazines, encourage Muslim media, and get something Islamic out of it too.

6) "adopt" converts into your family - help converts become better Muslims. Help them avoid the loneliness that a new convert often has to go through.

7) keep 3 extra Qur'ans/translations in your home - if you meet someone interested in Islam, you can literally get them on the path by giving them a Qur'an on the spot! And encourage yourself and your family to be able to easily pick one up.

8) go to a convention once a year - help your children feel they are part of a greater community of believers. The writer says "even if you have given up on them" and I'm not sure what he/she means.. Probably because I've never been or something... Anyone have any ideas?

And about conventions... I don't know where I'd go! I wanted to go, and plan on doing my best to attend the Reviving the Islamic Spirit convention in Toronto next year. But I wonder if there are any others closer to here... Anyway...

9) eat only halal or kosher - for all sorts of reasons... I need to make the switch. Or go vege until I find a way to get the halal or kosher food.

10) add culturally Islamic decorations in your home - not because it's obligatory to have Islamic posters, stickers, screensavers... but to make your home an Islamic home with an Islamic feel, a place that is not like outside might be. An environment favorable to Islam will make it easier on you.

Goal of all this: Live an Islamic life with an Islamic lifestyle. Be proud of your Muslim identity and make sure your children will be too.

Who will encorporate all of these, or some of these?? Who already has?

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Jamilah said...

I like it... I have to look for a magazine I guess... I'll keep you updated in the search. As for conventions I do go to lectures and things like that and it helps me a lot. As for Canada... where are you again? I can try to see if I know of anything near you.

Anonymous said...

I haven't sponsored an orphan, but that's a great idea. :)
Hubby goes to the masjid, the women's section is behind the men's section but there's a wall inbetween ... I don't like not seeing the imam when he's giving the khutba. We all go together whenever hubby is off from work.
I have a subscription to 'Azizah', and I'm thinking of getting one to 'emel' too.
If anyone ever is interested in Islam and want to read the Qur'an, I'll just give them my translation and I can always get another one.
We eat mainly halal and occasionally kosher, if I have a craving for beef hotdogs I'll get the Hebrew National ones.
We have Islamic decorations (and some Asian-themed ones in the bathroom), but we're not into decorating, really. :p

Candice said...

Jamilah: I think there are probably lectures in Montreal (nearest big city) pretty regularly. I sometimes see one announced on a Montrealer's blog or another university student I have on my Facebook but so far I haven't been able to attend them. I know there are opportunities and I guess I'm lucky, I could attend the English or the French ones. I just need to know when and where!

For a real convention, I'd be willing to go further than just Montreal (like Quebec City or Ottawa, and the Toronto one would require lots of planning, but I hope to go!

Aynur: I understand not wanting to really go to Jumah when you can't see the imam... It's the same at my mosque (and I can't understand either because it's in Arabic) but I want to go for Isha sometime... It'll be prayer in the mosque without having to sit there not understanding or seeing.

On this list, I need a mag, and I will check your suggestions. And I need a French Qur'an since most people I interact with and who might turn out to be interested in Islam speak French.

Jamilah said...


I did find this one site.. it might be a good start to finding lectures and things to attend

Banana Anne said...

This was a great list. So far I try to go to the masjid at least once a week (for jummah and halaqas), I attend Islamic retreats once a year (I actually am going to one tomorrow, Insha'Allah), I eat only halal or kosher meats, and I have some Islamic decorations in my room. Sponsoring an orphan is a great idea, and one that really shouldn't be ignored; it's also close to my heart since I'm adopted. Also, as a convert, I feel that it's very important for me to do my part to help other converts; it's hard, really hard, to have family that isn't Muslim and doesn't support you, and sometimes people that are raised Muslim don't have the same concerns/needs as converts do, so I would love to show my support Insha'Allah.

Candice said...

Jamilah: Thanks, I've fallen on that before and I think they don't update it very regularly... But it's a start and they do have some stuff on it!

Banana Anne: :)

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