Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The soul

What is your understanding of souls?

The way I see it, they are everything that makes us "us" other than our physical body, which I see as our "vessel" in some ways. The container for our soul. A very beautiful, amazingly-made and oh-so useful container though, let me say. The soul, though, is what I see as the most essential part of who we are. We wouldn't be able to live this life without our bodies, of course, and so they work together in perfection for that period of time, but seeing the big picture, it's the soul that is important.

I wonder:

Are souls created in advance, or are they created when they are ready to be given out to the person?

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Hubby said...

I believe there are a lot of diverse understandings of the soul. Around the 2nd century there is noticable diversity propping up in this aspect. 1. The soul is kind of attached to the body such that it dies with the body unless it is granted eternal life (no hell, but no heaven unless you earn it). 2. The body and soul are separate entities such that the soul is eternal and the body is not (typically used in the eternal hellfire understanding such that the soul either goes to heaven, or hell). 3. (My belief) This is a mix of the two. The soul is eternal, but there is no hell, just a judgement period in which the soul has to realize the faults of life. There is speculation as to whether reincarnation may take place or not in this time period.

khany said...

the following quranic verse lends itself to the interpretation that all human souls were created, and that they testified to allah's lordship, in advance.

And (remember) when thy Lord brought forth from the Children of Adam, from their reins, their seed, and made them testify of themselves, (saying): Am I not your Lord? They said: Yea, verily. We testify. (That was) lest ye should say at the Day of Resurrection: Lo! of this we were unaware;

Wrestling With Religion said...

I've always thought the soul is not some extra, spiritual entity that gets "put in" to us, but the soul is the whole of us - the soul is who we are, body and all. I believe this is an argument I heard a long time ago based on the Bible, but I don't know if it works in Islam.

Interestingly I have come across Muslims who believe in reincarnation!

Candice said...

khany! Thanks for coming back to my blog. Haven't seen you around in a long time!

I wonder: For an embryo that is miscarried, even if the soul is possibly not yet in the future baby, does it still has a soul there waiting that will just never get to the body? Or does anything that God knows is going to die before they have a soul simply not have a soul created for it?

Hubby said...

It is interesting, although I love God and truly can testify that he is my lord, I do not remember doing as such prior to birth. I also do not remember obtaining my body. Not that there aren't things that couldn't explain this, but it doesn't seem reasonable that God would say - you already testified, so how can you now say you never knew? I believe God comes to each and every one of us over and over and over again until we either submit or reject (and if we do reject, he just keeps loving us and coming to us).

Candice said...

For me it seems obvious that we all know right from wrong innately and that there's more to it than simply what we are taught. I really think that it's something we know before we're born. We're brought in different directions because of what we live, but if we go back to our innate self, we know. And that's where we need God's help.

rahma said...

Assalamu Alaikum,

On a quasi related vein, I've been listening to an excellent series of lectures by Sh. Husain Abdul Sattar on the fundamentals of tasawwuf (aka sufism). One of the things he mentions is that we are made up of two parts - the body and the soul. The body is made from dirt and is fed by dirt, ie we feed it things of the dunya to make it happy. The soul is made in the atherial world, and is fed by other worldly things, like ibadah (acts of worship). And that one of the reasons that we're so unhappy in general is that we have an imbalance of what we're feeding ourselves - we usually overdo the dunya, and ignore the other wordly (and it of course can go the other way, if someone only deals in other worldy, and ignores the dunya, things can go badly as well). It was a good call for a balanced life.

His website is currently down, but do check back in a day or 2. It's probably 8 or 9 hours long, but so worth listening to. I think I'm on my 3rd time around


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