Monday, January 18, 2010


Let's continue to keep the people of Haiti in our prayers...

I just donated today because I didn't get around to it last week when this happened. I considered Islamic Relief and the Canadian Red Cross. In the end, because of the Canadian government matching any donation up to 50 million dollars made to the major Canadian charities, I chose to donate through the Canadian Red Cross. I figured my donation was worth more there.

I'm glad to have discovered Islamic Relief and will keep this one in mind next time I want to donate something.

I am pretty frustrated right now. My co-worker was playing a game on Facebook and made a comment along the lines of being sick of hearing about Haiti everywhere she turns (like in her game). Yes, it's on the news a lot and all over the web, but these people still need our help even if we've been hearing about it for a week! Why can't we take these reminders to feel for these people, pray for these people, donate even more and just realize how much we have and how we take it for granted? I hate to see people annoyed over seeing others suffer.

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Melissa said...

You're right, we do take what we have for granted.
That's so sad that someone would say they're sick of hearing about it.
I wonder if she was sick of hearing about 9-11 day after day after day when it happened?

I really like Islamic Relief, I love that it's an Islamic charity and that's top rated as well.

I am so sad by what happened in Haiti, it's really tragic, so many have died :(

Candice said...

Today this co-worker said she found it stupid to send our doctors and nurses there when we ourselves need more doctors and nurses! I couldn't believe it! Yes, we need to wait at least 5 hours to see a doctor and so many people don't have family doctors and have to wait in the emergency rooms for any problem they have and even just to renew a prescription... It sucks and it's long. But let's just say it's not the same type of need! AT ALL! I'm upset about this mentality.

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikom,
I've heard similar arguments (why give aid to another country when there are people hurting here, etc) and I'm on the fence about it. I think we are all brothers and sisters, globally. We should help each other--our next door neighbors AND our fellow human beings that live halfway across the world. But I do wish that we did better by our citizens (I'm speaking about the US here in particular but I imagine it can apply to most other countries, too). I wish we did better for one another so that when it comes time to help people beyond our borders, there would be no hesitation, no dissent, just pure compassion.

I can't judge her comment about feeling overwhelmed by the Haiti coverage, because I wonder what was her thought process at the time. Does she miss seeing more local news, etc? (That I can understand. There are some ongoing news situations here in metro Detroit for which I'd like to see more coverage.) Or is she just dismissive of the situation? There's no law that someone has to care about tragedies but it sure is nice when they do because I think that's what matters in life (caring for one another)!

Candice said...

Eyes Serene: I think it's also important to take care of the poor here, but everyone here is equal when it comes to healthcare (this is Canada) so a few doctors leaving the country for a couple weeks affects those doctor's patients equally. Rich or poor. And we are better set up here for our poor people than the USA, as far as I can understant.

For example, a teenager who gets pregnant can keep her baby and the government will support her return to school by paying for babysitting, transportation, and monthly amounts for expenses, and school to get her diploma finished and in areas in need will support later than that. For areas not necessarily in need, we have loans and bursary program from the government so a person in such a situation would have to pay back about 20% of the amount they were given only, and college is a lot less expensive here to begin with.

But there are definitely people still in need here... I like programs that offer breakfast for children from poor families and school supplies the family might have a hard time affording. It's just not the same type of crisis as what Haiti is going through.

About overwhelming coverage, maybe it did have to do with wanting to see more local news... But I know her, and she doesn't like "races", as she calls them. People of other ethnicities. But as you say, there is no law that people have to care... I just wish they did out of being human.

Anonymous said...

I know the poor of Canada are better off than the poor of Haiti...

I still wish we took better care of our citizens here in the US, not with the money being donated to Haiti, but in general, aside from the aid we give to other countries or causes.

USA is a wealthy and resource-rich country and we could have a higher standard living for all than what we currently have. The same can be said for Canada.

I have heard people say "let's take care of our own backyard instead of giving to..." I don't agree with the "instead of", but I do agree that we could do better...

Candice said...

Eyes Serene: Yes, I don't like the attitude of not wanting to give. A co-worker (a different one, actually) was saying yesterday she's sick and tired of people asking for money. For Haiti, for Canadian children in tough situations, for the blind, etc. So she wouldn't want to donate to any of them.

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