Sunday, January 31, 2010


I think I posted some time ago about my office and their weekly lottery tickets. They each put in 3$ a week to try to win the jackpot of like 25 million dollars or something. I was the only one not participating, which I was (and of course, still am) perfectly comfortable with. I really don't like gambling, ESPECIALLY this mindless buy-a-ticket get-a-chance type.

I entered an Olympic hockey pool this week. The way this one worked is simply that each person that enters has to predict which teams will receive the gold, silver and bronze and also predict 3 players that will get the most goals or assists. I thought that was fun... I maybe should have just made myself a list for fun and followed my teams and players to know where I'd placed, but I entered the competition. There's a tiny bit of "skill" envolved in knowing which players are doing well, but it's seriously just luck. It's gambling... I've paid 5$ and chosen some teams and players for a chance for a cash prize.

I really hate gambling and I so don't support it! But here I go supporting it by joining! Gah...

I still hope I win though... *blush* I just think I made really good choices on my teams and players. Go Canada!

3 Comentários:

Susanne said...

I hope you win, too! :-D

Candice said...

Thanks! :p Americans might not hope I win though because I didn't put USA in the medals. (*hides!*)

Susanne said...

Ha, ha! :-P***

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