Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I have been so very stressed financially lately. My husband is starting up a business project and my income is the only thing supporting us and his project. As well, we signed a new lease to move January 1st without being out of our old apartment lease (meaning we have 2 apartments to pay each month for 6 months). AND our daughter is changing babysitters for one that was going to be 160$ a week instead of the 80$ a week we were paying.
Good news!

1) Found someone to sub-let our apartment (even though I will pay part of it myself)


2) Her nursery was accredited by the government and will be only 35$ a week!

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KrystalKitty. said...

Ho exciting that you are moving soon.

So have you started packing yet?You've still got 9 days till the big day,lot's to do.

ellen557 said...

Alhamdulillah! Might I just say too that your layout is amaaazing :D

KrystalKitty. said...

I'm sorry for the typo I meant to say how.

Asiya said...

Mashaa Allaah that's great news Candice! Just another proof that Allaah always makes a way somehow.

Candice said...

KrystalKitty: No, I haven't started really!! Ahh! I don't have that much stuff though so we will manage in time!

Ellen: Thanks! :)

Asiyah: Yes, so true.

eyes serene said...

Assalamu alaikom,
I'm glad you've had things fall into place, insha'Allah things continue to go well for you! And hopefully your husband's business venture comes together quickly and has success!

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