Monday, November 23, 2009

The way I dress

I have slowly been dressing more and more modestly. Here is the evolution of the way I dress.

I mostly never liked to wear shorts or skirts above the knee, but I'd often wear 3/4 pants with spaghetti strap tank tops when I was 15-18. I have a pretty petite body so even then, there was nothing too too bad about it (here in Canada, compared to what others were wearing in that same season). When I met my husband at 18 and went to Egypt, he told me it was not appropriate to wear tank tops out and that I'd have to wear a t-shirt at least, so I did of course. When he first told me that, before I got there, I thought it sucked that they didn't have the choice to wear what they wanted, but soon after arriving, I realized it was right to cover a bit more. People don't need to see my whole upper chest area and shoulders. After coming back to Canada, I didn't wear tank tops out anymore. So from 18 and on, I covered with at least a t-shirt. I also phased my 3/4 pants out of my wardrobe for the most part and wore long pants. . Since having my daughter 2 and a half years ago, I did not buy any tight pants and I've made efforts to buy longer shirts. But my baby weight melted off and my old clothes fit me in a month or two, so I continue to wear my tighter pants and t's... More recently, sometime before the summer, I started getting rid of pants that were tighter on me, and I stopped wearing anything that stopped at my waist because every time I bent down, I'd show a couple inches of back. That just got annoying. I'm tall, so it was a hassle finding long things, but I managed to wear longer stuff with the help of the layering technique. :)

The bigger changes happened more recently. Sometime before the summer, I stopped wearing 3/4 pants out, and somehow, with no real thought or planning, started wearing long sleeves. I'd often roll them and yes, I still wore t-shirts sometimes, but I was mostly wearing long pants and shirts! It was so gradual and natural that I only noticed when my mom told me! I also got myself a modest bathing suit before summer started. It's 3/4 leggings with a tunic t-shirt that covers the bum so I am super modest compared to the others swimming and it's totally light and safe and comfortable.

Anyway, sometime after the summer, after I'd officially converted, I got a bit more serious about getting looser clothes. My husband bought me some skirts in Egypt that I love, and I manage to wear a skirt about half the days of the week. And with adding some better shirts little by little, I am also wearing something not too tight about half the days of the week. The other days, I make sure to have a scarf around my neck that covers my boob area so there isn't anything to see then either.

I'm so glad that everything came so naturally and gradually for me in terms of dress. I could slap on a headscarf on most of what I wear and be considered pretty close to correct hijab. I hope to wear hijab someday, even though to be honest I am not seriously considering it right now. When I do, it'll be much less of a shock to everyone I know, seeing as the heascarf will be the only difference!!

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Stacy aka Fahiima said...

The big scarves of pashminas work really well for those shirts that are still tight. It sounds like we dress really similar, actually. I wear long skirts the vast majority of the time, but most of mine drag the ground in the rain, so sometimes on those days I wear pants.

Rene´s Bare Essentials said...

salaam alaikum,

Just wanted to let you know i started a blog for reverts to islam! If you get a chance check it out. Im going to try to touch on issues that most reverts face (frustration, confusion, lonliness, etc as well as providing resources for gaining knowledge.
The site is

best of wishes

Aysha said...

hm, it seems as if the apostates' post was removed. =( i spent a lot of time on the comments I made. khair inshaAllaah. I hope that at least you read it and benefitted from it, even if others were not able to.

Candice said...

I'd gone on blogger to remove this post because of how useless I felt it was in the end. I didn't expect any more comments were added. I still have your comments in my email though. Thanks for participating on my blog.

Anonymous said...

wow, mashallah...thats awesome, yeah cool how it came so naturally huh. Just take it slow. Ive always found the new converts who rush into things too fast (like totally covering) end up usually being the first to quite (suddenly) and often times even leave the deen. So as they say...slow and steady wins the race.

When I started to wear hijab as a teenager I did much the same thing. There wasnt as much pressure (back then, like over 10 yrs ago) as there is today to cover and while I had wanted to cover more in HS than I did, I couldnt because my mom thought hijab was old fashioned and backwards. Go figure. So I started gradually too and I think thats why it never felt strange to me.

Candice said...

Thanks for your comment! :) I hope slow and steady works out for me.

Melissa said...

Mashallah, I think that's great! I started off slowly and gradual as well. I agree, slow and steady wins the race!

UniMuslimah said...

Salaam alaikum,
I honestly think that's the best way for converts to come into Islam and its practises: gradually and naturally. I know when I first converted I immediately started wearing the headscarf because I thought I was supposed to- but because I wasn't raised with it or really taught about it, I took it off very soon after. I've slowly progressed now with my own clothing and other things and I think this is the best way. So, I'm glad to hear that things are progressing well for you!


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