Wednesday, November 25, 2009


What do I really believe?

I consider myself Muslim as you might know. But I struggle in finding what I really believe. I don't think everyone who doesn't consider themself Muslim is going to hell because I think that a bunch of people, even if they don't use that label on themselves, are still Muslim in the real sense of the word. My definition of a Muslim is one who submits to God. The person believes in one God with no partners, as well as the judgement day, and does good works.

It makes me wonder about the Qur'an. Of course, the reason I even consider myself Muslim is because of the Qur'an! So there must be something that makes a Muslim who follows the Qur'an better than a "Muslim" (not considering himself Muslim, but who still submits)... If not, then the Qur'an would've been brought to us for nothing! I think that everything in the Qur'an is in all of us already, but that it can be easily lost under other influence. So I see the Qur'an as a reminder of sorts from God. And so it should remain a very important book in our lives so that we don't forget what our real purpose is.

I had more to say when I started writing this but I'm at work and since I've been writing on and off (mostly off) for like 2 hours, I forgot... Will continue later. :)

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cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

"My definition of a Muslim is one who submits to God."

All the prophets are considered Muslim because of this reason: they all submitted to God.

I think that people who follow the Qur'an, pillars, etc may get more reward than people who don't, but I doubt non-Muslims are all going to hell regardless of the lives they live on earth.

.::Tuttie::. said...

focus on your life and your salvation. Trying to rationalize other people's belief or disbelief is going to drive you mad and ultimately brings you no benefit. This is up to Allah swt he will forgive whomever he pleases to and us trying to figure out who is going to hell or not is going in to the realm of Allah and of the unseen.

Shaytan trips you up like that so focus on you and make dua that Allah swt guides humanity to the truth and correct way of worshiping Him AMEEN.

We are not the first group of people nor the last who will deal with family members from different religions. Noah (as) was a prophet for 950 years and yet his son still disbelief and drowned during the floods. Abraham's (as) father disbelieved and kicked him out in to the streets. Prophet Muhammad's (saw) beloved uncle died on disbelief. So we are not unique in this matter. We have to see what example the prophets gave us in handling these situations and move on.

Candice said...

Tuttie, I understand what you mean... But somewhere, for my own belief and trust in God, I need to feel more sure that He is just. So I have to figure it out...

Anonymous said...


This is one way to see it:
Islam (as a religion) gives clear guidelines how to reach Paradise - Quran being the main source of information on this. In this way muslims are better off than other people, because they have a clear path to follow. But if a person decides to try on another path towards God (another way to submit to God) they might as well end up in Paradise by the mercy of God, but taking this other path is risky, because it's so much easier to go astray (if you are not active enough in following the little voice of righteousness inside you).
This way of thinking is not according to the traditional view of Islam but sounds pretty sensible and might suit your approach to Islam.


Anonymous said...
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Anisah said...

ohh look...a comment deleted..I'm curious !! lol

ok..well.I personally think that its great that you are looking and questioning because this will make your faith stronger incha'Allah. I think the ones that stop asking questions and stop striving to find the truth , or maybe even when they start thinking they know it all....are the ones that lose their way.
I agree a little with Cairo there... cause it's not for us to waste our time on wondering who is going to hell or not. That alone is Allah's job. I believe that Allah commands us to work on ourselves and our behavior to others and to pray for others. I think...the fact that if you leave this to God...and not try to understand who is going and who isn't.. is meaning you have faith in God..and that you are submitting to his will. get my meaning? seems to me if you are questioning God..that is lack of submission and faith. not that I think that is your case.. I'm just putting the idea out there....
What I love about Islam is that people can discuss their beliefs and learn from one another..and when you are questioning and looking and striving for the truth, then you encourage others and that is good dawah :)

Candice said...

For your curiosity, Anisah, it was an sarcastic and anonymous comment about me not thinking God is fair.

I understand what you're saying about figuring out who is going to Heaven and who isn't... But I would never try to figure out *who* (because we just don't know what people believe). I am trying to figure out the categories of people who are or aren't. Might not be much of a difference, but I want to make it clear that I would never try to judge someone because only God can know what is really going on - I never could.

Thinking about it some more, I figure out that it has nothing to do with not trusting God, but it has a little to do with Islam and wanting to make sure that what I believe is the truth fits into Islam like I think it does.

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