Friday, November 27, 2009

Solution needed!

I have an apartment I don't really like. It has stuff that needs to be fixed and just hasn't been since I moved in in July 2008. I haven't made a formal complaint or sent a letter about it, but it has been months since I asked to have a certain important problem fixed (my bath faucet leaks cold water since June) and I've asked a few times since to have it done. It was a mess when I moved in and we managed to fix stuff ourselves that they were supposed to fix, but others, the less important once, we haven't... They have been pretty crummy owners, but I do have a contract signed to live there until July 1st...

I have an opportunity to get a really nice apartment. It's a bit more expensive, but it also has an extra bedroom, bigger rooms, a separate laundry room, a gorgeous bathroom, a balcony and a backyard! This would be starting in January or maybe February... I don't think anyone will want my apartment. In fact, I am sure that they wouldn't find someone even for moving day July 1st. It needs too much work. I'm sure after I leave they will fix it all up - out of necessity.

Anyway... I need to get rid of my current apartment... I don't think the owners will allow me to at all... Options become:

1) have both, which I can't afford
2) rent my current one cheaper so someone will have it and pay the difference
3) stop paying my current one and risk getting a complain at the Régie (most owners of decent apartments will look into your file to see if you have a complaint) as well as having my credit affected
4) lie my butt off saying I am in difficulty and to give me this chance since I have always been fully on time with my rent and she gets no annoyances from me.
5) be dishonest and get her to rent it to our friend who is being expelled from the country (the person whose apartment we want...).

Or the final option is to nevermind this apartment and stay in our's until July 1st. And hope to rent something awesome on July 1st.

I seriously fell in love with this apartment so I wish to find a way to have it... Any other ideas or comments?

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Candice said...

My brother is 20 and living at my parents. They'd like for him to have a bit more independance so it could be an idea for him to move into mine. If he's alone, I'd have to pay the difference, but he could possibly find a roomate. And he could use some of my stuff...

Only thing is that he doesn't have a stove and fridge or washer-dryer so for a "try" it's a bit extreme to go out and buy all that. Maybe his friend, whoever this is, might have some!

Laila said...

Or how about renting both and then sub-letting the new one short-term until July?

Candice said...

That's a good option Laila!! It's definitely more likely that I can sub-let this nice one than my current apartment. It's also right on Main street and at a pretty decent distance from college. We could manage to find some students starting their new semester maybe. Just if we rent it and don't manage to find anyone, it really sucks... :S

Anonymous said...

Stay in the one you have signed the lease on until 30 days before it's up,then write a notice to alet the landlord,and move out.Do what is right and trust God that He will give you the grace to wait it out.And you will enjoy your beutiful new apartment much.You see we don't appreciate anyone nor anything that comes too easy,that I belive is what God is teaching you.Easy come,easy go,whatever,maxnix are some expressions that come to mind.Ir's like watching a video of Mother Therisia on the streets of Calcutta after viewing one of Hitler.

Candice said...

I am fine with staying where I am for these 6 months... I just know this apartment will be gone by then... Still moving out no matter what though. I can find something else that is decent probably.

Jamilah said...

You could just try to ask your current landlord if they would end the lease early. You will be giving a couple of months notice, so perhaps they will go for it... who knows. You can also bring up all of the issues that you had but never said anything about and use that as leverage..

Candice said...

The landlord is a real jerk. He owns many apartments so he's not into allowing people to leave. He basically told me it's not any of his business to help me, that he wasn't my dad. A real jerk. And my husband talked to the wife and when he asked if she spoke English since he was having trouble understanding her, she just told him we're in Quebec here so no. (Basically, "I don't care that you don't understand. We're in Quebec so you don't deserve to understand if your French isn't good enough.)

We may have found another solution though. The apartment we want had 3 people living there. 2 are officially gone but one of them is looking for a 300$ or so apartment. We would sub-let ours (which is like 500$/month) for 300$ and get someone to rent out the extra room in the new apartment for 200$ or so. So at least we'd cover the cost of the old apartment.

My husband doesn't care what the consequences are financially or otherwise, he is signing for the new apartment. Really stressful to imagine having 2 places to pay rent for with one income only, but he has a sort of plan. I hate thinking that extra money that could have been used on better things might end up having to be thrown into a second rent if renting to the people doesn't work.

Mrs. S said...

If you have a lease I would read it carefully to see what clauses (if any) exist regarding breaking it. I would also double check what your local rental and lease agreement laws are. Here in NY depending on where you live you may only have to give up the security deposit and pay rent until a new tenant is found or 30 days has passed. In some parts you could potentially be forced to pay out the remainder of your lease even if the apartment is rented.
I was in a similar situation where I wanted to move to a better place, but had a few months left on my lease. I wanted to do everything properly. After going back and forth I finally just sent 30 days notice and moved. I was holding my breath for legal drama, but in the end the landlord just kept the security deposit, told me where to send my keys and rented my apartment out early. Most landlords don't want the hassle of taking you to court or trying to ruin your credit. When I was applying for my current apartment I let the new building know that my old management company and I were not on the best of terms and that because of this I was breaking my lease. Even if the new building wants to contact the old one as a reference they really just want to know if you paid your rent on time.

Candice said...

We don't have a security deposit actually... I don't think it's the norm here. It won't work for breaking my lease... I checked with the laws and they don't have to let me or anything. And my husband got angry and made it personal, so I think the idiot land lord would go through procedures if I moved out and stopped paying. Just to go against my husband.

And yeah, for references, I told her I wasn't on good personal terms with the owner but that he never had any trouble with us and our rent being paid.

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