Monday, November 9, 2009

Lottery and material things

I've never been a fan of the lottery. Never really bought any for myself but have received it in a card or something as a small gift a couple times. I really think they are a waste of money and I'd rather have never received it. I see so many people who have their weekly lottery routine. One of this, one of that, with the extra, bla bla bla. I worked at a grocery store for a while when I was 16 or so and would sometimes work at the counter that had the cigarettes and lotteries. The clients were always showing me what was what and where to get it. I seriously had no idea. And I always got them the wrong pack of cigarettes. I understood nothing of what they were saying except the brand name they were looking for. I saw so many people come to get their lottery ticket checked, hoping to have won the jackpot. They rarely did, but they often got a free ticket or a small amount (say 5$ or 10$) and I never saw anyone just take the money. They always bought more tickets with it (seeing it as an investment, I'm sure).

So anyway... Reason I'm talking about lotteries is because at work, they have started a lottery pool. I'm the ONLY ONE in the whole office not participating. Even the boss is in! It's a small company, but still, that's 8 people, plus me, not participating. I don't do lotteries. I have to admit that if I was not Muslim, I might have just felt the need to be in with them though... just in case they win maybe? And not to be the one left out...? What would 3$ a week be to my life anyway?

But I feel so much better with this decision. This is what I believe in and always have. I get what I work for and try to get ahead in life based on what I really do and learn and know. I will not give my money away to the lotteries for the tiny chance of winning 50 million dollars (split into 9)! I don't want to support that theft. I wish people would stop hoping to win millions of dollars and just notice how much they have in life that is worth so much. It hurts to see that some people cannot be content with their life and need to find hope in the possibility of winning a bunch of money. Most lottery buyers might not be the obsessive types that go nuts over it. They are people who live a regular life and are fine with their life, but doesn't the fact that they buy a lottery ticket or two every single week show that there is something they feel is missing?

I feel sad that we are so based on money and material things. I have enough money not to suffer in any way. I have an apartment I can sleep in and put my stuff in and it's as warm as I want it to be all winter. I have a car so I don't have to depend on anyone to bring me places. I am able to buy decent clothes and shoes and boots for my family. I can eat good food and cook it on my very own stove and store it in my very own fridge! It's not a big apartment, it's not a new car, I actually complement our wardrobes with a lot of used stuff, and my stove was given to me by my uncle when he was done with it, but I have all the material I really need. Yet, I always want more. Nora needs a new bedroom set. Technically, the bed supports her and the mattress is comfy, which is most important, but most of the drawers are broken on her bureau, so I have to find other places to put her clothes. I find that space and she wears clean and cute clothes. But I still want her to have a decent bureau! For myself, I feel sure that I need a new shelf. But on top of that, there are a bunch of things I want! New clothes! An eBook reader! A cute phone cover!

I'm very satisfied with what I have overall, but still, there is more I would want! My real dream is to have a nice house someday and have it furnished beautifully. I suppose if I was older and felt I had nowhere to go with my career and I felt my husband was at his max too, and we still couldn't save enough money for a house, then I might be a bit less satisfied with what I have than I am now. So all to say that I can understand where these people come from who wish for more for themselves even if it happens by luck and even if the chance is so freakin' small it's not even worth it. Hopefully I can keep my thoughts in the right place to continue to know what is really important in life even if I get to the point where I feel some of my (material) dreams are unattainable.

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Stacy aka Fahiima said...

We're at exactly the same place in our life. We have everything we need for ourselves and Layla, and I think its just fine for now. There is always the chance of winning, sure, but having too much money would almost be worse because it would change your life too drastically. Either that or people would always be asking you for money.
I would like to eventually have a house so we have more room for kids and having friends and family over more often.

LK said...

My office does a lottery pool and I was 1 of 2 people who didn't participate. No one gave me any trouble though, its totally a waste of money.

Its so nice to be happy with what you have, rather than always grumbling about wanting more.

Anonymous said...

The way I see it, there will always be something you will want. Even if you have a nice house furnished beautifully, there will be something else.
We have a house, but our furniture pretty much sucks. Our table only holds 4 people, so we can't really have anyone over comfortably for dinner ... and our couches have tears in them.
Here I see more of people going to casinos, and spending money there. So much money they could be using for other things, but instead they gamble it away.

Candice said...

I feel I'd be able to manage a big amount of money without losing myself, but I'm against lotteries so that's not gonna happen!

At work it's easy not to be in the lottery pool after all. They haven't mentioned it once. When the person comes to collect and then make the others sign the ticket, she just skips me. hehe

And about casinos, they really suck for sure. I'm guilty of putting 20$ of my money in there for my 18th birthday. Blakh, a super waste.

Laila said...

I agree with Aynur, there would always be more a person could wish for. There's a line somewhere between healthy striving and being enslaved to the material. I notice with a lot of people that line gets crossed later in life when they are comfortable and have nothing else in life to strive for, they just keep wanting more material things. At least when we are poor we aren't at risk of that!

Someone told me the lottery is a tax on the stupid. It's always stuck in my mind. :)

Candice said...

A tax on the stupid, that's a good one.

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