Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shopping in Egypt (with pics) P.1

My lovely lovely husband went shopping in Egypt today to get me some long skirts! :D He basically took pictures with his phone and then sent them to me by e-mail and called me to know what I thought. Here are the pictures (unfortunately not in the right order):

Bunch of skirts. We had already picked out a couple by then and they didn't seem my style when I looked at them. Very colourful though!
I'd asked for tunics and he didn't get that I wanted something long enough to cover my bum. This just wasn't what I was looking for.
I like this one and he got it for me. He actually picked it out himself which was impressive!
At the beginning of his shopping trip, he remembered that I'd said I wanted an "eid outfit" and even if I had explained that it was an abaya with matching shayla that I wanted for this eid outfit, he got confused and started showing me long skirts with matching tops. Totally not my style!! I think you have to be in your 30s at least for this outfit! (skirt is pretty nice though)
Near the beginning of his shopping experience, I had to tell him I was not looking for matchy suitish outfits and that I wanted something more plain like solid colours. He came up with this... Not bad, but not me.
Next post coming up!

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LK said...

Wow now I want to go shopping in Egypt! how lovely of your husband to go shopping for you.

That skirt he picked out is really cute. And I actually like the suit :)

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Its so cute when husbands try to pick out clothes :) Wow my husband would hate those heavily patterned ones though. Crazy!

Candice said...

Stacy: My husband was totally confused the whole time! At first he was looking at lightly patterned ones that were classy but just old-fashionned. I told him I wanted something more solid coloured and without the old-fashionned style designs... And then I ended up picking out the multi-coloured one with a tie-belt thing. So he was SO confused. And probably began thinking these ones at the beginning of the post might interet me. They didn't. Poor him though. I put him on all sorts of tracks he didnt know where to go!

The reverts secret said...

O o i love the denim 1 mashallah and really love the last black 1!!!

Melissa said...

That's really sweet of him to go around and look for things for you and actually take pictures with his phone so you can see them! Aw!

NoortheNinjabi said...

Salaam alykom sister!,
Some of the best (and cheapest) tunics I've found have been in Khan el Khalili, believe it or not. A lot of the stuff in the shops right now, as you can see, are not really islamic attire.

If he's in Cairo, you should send him to the abaya mall!!

Candice said...

There's a mall just for abayas?? And yeah, I should send him to khan el khalili. That's where I got my tunics from last time I was there, not at these stores downtown. I got a couple skirts downtown like he got for me this time. I guess the fashion is not the most modest stuff so these stores hold the more fashiony things like those skin-tight tops.

I'll see if he might get a chance to go to Khan, but I think it might be a bit too late. THEY'RE COMING BACK ON THURSDAY! I'M SO EXCITED!!!! :D

NoortheNinjabi said...

Uh huh! My husband brought me there and I almost cried. It's a beautiful sight. I'll ask him where it is when he gets home.

It appears that the spring/summer/fall fashions tend to be insanely tight, either on the top or the bottom. And, from what we've seen on the streets, skinny jeans have hit in a big (and bad) way. *SOB* no more baggy stuff for a while.

There's one store that I had luck with tunics at, but I can't remember the name (poke the hubby time again :-P)

Aww, so you're not coming here? :(

Candice said...

Post back about where it is!!

NoortheNinjabi said...

Ok, the tunics were at "Al-3ataba" (in the middle of Cairo?)...but we're having brain farts on where exactly it is. He's going to call his friend about the abaya mall in the morning to find out exactly where that is too.

So much for him knowing :S I'll poke him a few more times to see if he remembers.

Ahmed said...

khan el kahlili is a place for tourists who wanna get scammed :P

simply khan el khalili is not for egyptians its full of bunch of pharaonic stuff and shishas...

even for pharaonic stuff i can get it with the main dealer prices which is like ... 30 % of what tourists normally pay if they know what they r doing.

maybe if candice like i will post the pharaonic stuff i got for my friends, since she got some of those stuff for her family before... but this time its kinda classy ones :P mostly glass pyramids and misala things dunno the english name ..

NoortheNinjabi said...

There's a section where they sell tunics and abayas. If you bring a good haggler, you can get a great price. Egyptians all know this.

Candice said...

I don't even know what he's trying to say in that post, Noor. He's one to talk without a point and without knowledge.

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