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Neither of these is ideal...

BUT If a person missed fajr and dhur prayer (the 6 obligatory rakat), would they be better off:

1) praying the others on time and making up these missed prayers sometime in between these


2) praying the others on time and attending taraweeh prayers (the 8 rakat) that night?

And yes, this is my situation today... I kind of want to attend taraweeh and try to boost myself up a little with some community feeling so I was thinking about this question. The third better answer would be to pray the others, make up the missed ones and attend taraweeh too, but the difficult options are the ones I want opinions about!

What do you think?

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NeverEver said...

from what i have read, if you miss a prayer due to sleep, you should complete those prayers as soon as you wake. the quicker the better. you don't want to miss any of the obligatory rakaat. then you should do your best after that to do each prayer on time. you should start with fajr then duhur then asr, always going in order, so praying asr before you make up the rakaat for fajr isn't good. the obligatory salaat are more important than the "superogatory" in terms of completion. they get priority :-D so doing those before you decide to go to tarawih is best, in my opinion.
And of course Allahu alim, and may He forgive me if I am incorrect :-)

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Hmm, I think you would really enjoy going to taraweeh. Its a good way to work some extra prayer into your life and you might also meet some nice ladies who don't go to the masjid regularly all year.

If you're busy with travel or something too, I have read that you can shorten the 4 rakat prayers to 2 and pray only 2 times, 1x for fajr and 1x for maghrib.

Candice said...

Thanks for your comments.

NeverEver: I think I agree with you, although in my case, it might be more important to attend taraweeh just for the "boost" it would give me to be with other Muslims. I am hiding everything these days and it feels terrible. It's really just so lonely. And about praying the prayers in order that they are supposed to go, that makes sense. Although now that means that since I prayed Asr and missed fajr and dhur, I'd better forget about it and do them next time. Yesterday I also missed fajr and I prayed it when I woke up. Felt better than just not doing it at all for sure.

Stacy: I would love to meet some Muslim women. I still haven't decided for sure, but I think I will go to taraweeh tonight. About travel, it's really not my case. It's just my personal problem for fajr and dhur is hard because I work and I don't have much of a break to go complete it. Shortening it and doing it during the right period might be an option, or doing it right when I get home even if it's late. I might need to have another post for that!

Life's Balance Beam said...

Sorry to disagree sis, but taraweeh is not an obligation but the five manditory prayers are. when you miss a salaat, rather they be a hour late or 5 hrs late you must make them up or it would count as not praying at all. inshaallah make your intentions. and shortening the salaat is inpermissible unless traveling, so its best that you make up the salaat before the rest of them come in, and even while one salaat is in, make your missed one first and then complete the one in.

only time it is permissible to join the prayers is traveling, sicknesses, or rain.


It should be noted that the sick person for whom it is permissible to join prayers should offer each prayer in full without shortening it, because shortening the prayers is only permitted for the traveller. What some people think, that if a person shorten the prayers at home because of sickness he is also allowed to shorten them, is not correct.
however joining the prayers is premissible in these conditions and such as you having work you cannot delay.

Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah (may Allaah have mercy on him) said: The reason for shortening prayers is travel only, and it is not permitted when one is not travelling. As for joining prayers when one has an excuse or a need, if he needs to, he may join them when travelling short or long distances, and he may join them when it is raining and the like, or when he is sick and the like, or for other reasons. The aim behind this is to spare the ummah from hardship. End quote from Majmoo’ al-Fataawa (22/293).


Inshaallah we must all go back to Quran, sunnah and fatwaas and not base what we do on our personal opinions. Inshaallah i helped you sis!! :)

Oh and ik your a new muslim alhumdulilah. i didnt get to say mabrook!!

Life's Balance Beam said...

oh! and i meant to tell you
Inshaallah do your best. Allah knows your intentions as far as salaat goes, and inshaallah one day you will become an expert at when to pray and how!! hehe. But as long as the intent is in your heart inshaalah khayr and you will be rewarded inshaallah (ameen)

Candice said...

Thanks for your comment! As you might have read on, I did end up going to taraweeh and I didn't manage to make up for the missed prayers. It was a very nice experience for me to be with other Muslims there and pray in a group. You are very right that the obligatory prayers should be prayed before any extra prayers, but for me in that particular situation, it was more beneficial for my Islam to go to taraweeh. I actually didn't miss a prayer since though, so it brought out the best in me. Just like my whole journey to Islam and in Islam so far, it doesn't start off perfectly or even anywhere near perfect, but it evolves into something better. So even if I missed these 6 rakat of obligatory prayer, I prayed 10 rakat of extra prayer later that day that ended up bringing something kind of important to my journey. Not the ideal situation, but one that I feel satisfied with in the end!

I guess I felt the need to ask what people believed to be the best option, not so much to be influenced by their responses for this decision, because I obviously just ended up doing what I felt was right for me, but to learn something by thinking over the responses that I will hopefully be able to put into action later on. So I thank you for your response!!

Candice said...

Wanted to add about shortening prayers that your comment helped me see that it would definitely be better for me to pray the full prayer when I was able to, even if it's outside the prayer time, than to do half of it within its designated time.

Life's Balance Beam said...

Mashaallah!! reading ur posts even inspires me, alhumdulilah your learning and on a wonderful jorney and may allah subana wa tala bless you and increase your ilm inshaalah! (ameen)

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