Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Which? (Another one!)

Again, not ideal situations.

For someone who is at work during the full dhur period with a short break and sometimes no real break during those hours, would it be better to:

1) Pray the 4 rakat late when I got home after work before I did the asr


2) Pray 2 rakat instead of 4 but on time, because I would likely have enough time for that but not for 4.

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ellen557 said...

I can't speak about praying the 2 as I believe that shortening prayers is only permissible when travelling (or maybe under extreme circumstances or something?) but ummmm yeah I think option 1 would be better? I'm at work from 9 - 5, which is dhur & asr, I just have to make it up before the time for maghrib if I can.
It's like waking up after fajr, you just pray it because it's your intention that counts <3

Candice said...

I work similar hours (830-500). So I am at work for the full dhur time, but maghreb being at about 745pm leaves me plenty of time for asr to be prayed on time.

The question isn't really about what is permissible, because really both (shortening and praying late) are not so much permissible.

I wonder if it's better to pray part of it on time (with a decent reason to shorten, although it's not for travelling) or all of it late.

Maybe there's secret option 3 to pray 2 rakat during dhur time at work and then the 2 others late after when I get home?

Candice said...

Oh, and there's secret option 4 too! I have lunch noon to 1pm, but that's just before dhur starts. I could pray the 4 rakat around 1230! So it's early, but I think it fits better with the spirit of having prayers spread throughout the day, and the spirit of fully completing the prayers.

caraboska said...

Everything I've read suggests that it is permissible to combine Dhuhr and Asr in such a situation - praying all the rakat for both at either time, depending on the situation.

Sarah said...

Candice, I hope and pray Ramadan is going better for you than at first... I hope you're managing to have suhoor, as I think it really makes a difference. It must be so hard with your hubby and daughter away, and no-one at work knowing what you're doing.

Re the prayers, it's a really big step to start doing all 5, so congratulations! I'm sure it will take you a while to work out a rhythm. I think there must be a legal requirement on your employer to allow you to pray on time, but I know you don't have the kind of employer that will easily give you that. As far as fitting them in around work, I would say go with what feels best to you. It's your relationship with God.

Thinking of you!

Umme Yusuf said...

I think option 4 is the best, especially as the dhur time starts 10-15 mins after noon. So 12:30 to 1 p.m is just the most ideal time for dhur.

Umme Yusuf said...

Of course, I'm assuming you don't have daylight saving :(

ellen557 said...

Option 4 is good! I only have a half hour break and I've been toying with the idea of praying in the car during that time, because in Shia Islam it's permissible to combine the prayers, i.e. pray Dhur & Asr together. So if I can ever manage it, that's what I'll be doing hopefully.
I hope you find a solution that suits you! :D

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