Tuesday, August 4, 2009

First time

I've been walking to work lately since my husband has been waking up earlier and bringing our daughter to the sitter himself. It has given me a bit of room to breathe in the morning, not having to give her breakfast, the medecine and get her dressed before leaving. I can kinda take it cool and get myself ready. I often have time to get her at least partly ready, but still, I don't have the pressure to do it! It has also been nice family moments to have everyone awake at the same time!

So I started walking to work and I've been doing that for a couple weeks now. I walked by a man with pamphlets (something we don't normally see in this small town) and he stops me to see if I'm interested. It was a Jehovah's Witness, of course! I normally just say thanks and take the pamplet or magazine, and flip through it before tossing it. I was going to do the same, but then he added, "It's about the Bible, if you're interested." Well, he tells me to take it *if I'm interested* so I told him that no, I wasn't. And that I was MUSLIM!

WOOH! :P He just told me thank you and have a good day and I said the same and we parted ways.

My first time telling someone I am Muslim in real life!

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cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

Awww that must have felt so good!! Yay congrats :D

Stacy K. said...

Probably makes you feel more true to yourself doesn't it? Don't feel like you can't identify as a real Muslim just because you might not look like one outwardly :)

Candice said...

Thanks! And yeah, no one would think I'm Muslim when they just see me there. I look and speak just like any other Quebecker, but there, I told 'em :p

UmmSqueakster said...

Alhamdulilah :)

I always think that I should have little islam related pamphlets in my purse, as we frequently have prosyletizers on the sidewalk. I'll take yours if you take mine ;)

Candice said...

Good idea!!

Anisah said...

hehehe..I got goosebumps reading this ! hehehe
it kinda tickles :P
its fun ehn? wait till ( inchaallah) you wear hijab and you get people always asking where are you from... what nationality are you...hahahaa
I'm like Im from earth...and you?
I love asking them the same question back...makes em think.. like duhhhhh

Candice said...

Anisah: It's funny because when I went to CEGEP, everyone was always asking each other where they're from. Including asking me! I'd never really been asked that before, it's so obvious I'm from the same place everyone else is around here, but in the Montreal area, most people aren't originally from around there, and so people get curious and ask. Most of the ones who asked were new Canadians (first or second generation, and clearly not from here based on their skin or their accent) so it was interesting to me that they were the ones wanting to know where everyone else was from.

I'll find it weird when people who are from here will assume I'm not. If I get to the point of wearing hijab someday.

Amanda said...

Hi! Nice to read it.. The first time a lady said Assalam alaikum to me (and I was not wearing hijab) was sooo weird.. I was a t the convenience store in a gas station.. I didn't know how to react, so I just said. "er... thank you, can I have a calling card please?" Haha... so embarassing! I guess she assumed I am muslim because I was the only one wearing long sleeves in a HOT day

Candice said...

Would've been funny if you were just concerned about protecting yourself from the sun or something. You would've been like... "salam a la what??" lol

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