Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Attended taraweeh

Yesterday night, I decided to go to the mosque for taraweeh! I left my house about 7 minutes before isha but it seems I arrived plenty ahead of time. I prayed 2 rakat when I arrived and sat for probably 10-15 minutes before the call to prayer was even made so they either do it that much later or they don't use the ISNA method.

There were only 2 women there when I arrived and they were chatting together. I was eyeing the Qur'ans in the corner but they all seemed to be Arabic. No French or English... So I sat there quietly... We prayed isha after. One woman arrived a few seconds before it started so she was in the middle of her 2 rakat prayers when we were starting isha. She hurried through it really really quick and got to our prayer by the end of al-fatiha.

Another woman arrived right in the very middle of isha prayer and prayed the half that was left with us. I didn't see her make up for the 2 rakat or so she had missed. She was wearing a bathrobe! I found that really really weird! Like... you're not in your home. I didn't check to see if she was wearing slippers. Another couple women arrived right near the end of isha (from what I noticed). I wonder if they had time to pray it at home before they came. I suppose they could have.

One of them had been one of Nora's nurses at the hospital in May so I was very glad to see her! Another woman was so nice, I'd met her before, but quite a while ago, and during the khutbah they had after 4 rakat of the taraweeh, she translated for me. I was actually able to get something positive from it thanks to her! I didn't know they did a khutbah during taraweeh though! And I also saw a kid I knew there, who didn't know I'd converted. I'm sure he'll report back to his parents about that one!

I really had a positive experience with it. It was difficult during the Qur'an parts he recited though after al-fatiha because I wasn't familiar with them and couldn't understand, so I started thinking about the design in the carpet, about Nora and my husband in Egypt, etc. But I tried to either focus on the recitation and the sound of it, or at least focus on remembrance of Allah in some way as much as I could.

It was weird for me to have this "slow down" in my prayer with these long Qur'an parts, but have al-fatiha a lot faster than I do it, as well as all the other parts and movements. It was a completely different rhythm. I plan on going back sometime and I plan on going to taraweeh at a bigger more established mosque once before the end of Ramadan and meet up a college acquaintance there.

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Amanda said...

Wow! That's great!
I am planning to attend Taraweeh but I am like "how do I do it??", mainly because here in Dubai most of the mosques are filled with men, and I'm a bit worried about it.. Anyway I'm proud of you! You DID IT!!
I'm going to Taraweeh inshAllah in Toronto next weekend! I'll come back here to tell you how was it.

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

I'm glad you went! Who knows, maybe you'll start to pick up more Arabic just from hearing it more.

Anisah said...

wow.sis..masha'Allah :) so proud of you! May Allah accept your prayers and continue to encourage you on the right path .Amine.
I'm hoping to go sometime next week in Brossard Incha"Allah, I will let u know !
I've been a Muslim since 2004 and never been :(

Aalya said...

Mashallah that is great that you went and had a good experience!
I remember my first Taraweeh, it was so fast and I couldn't really understand anything - the next day I was so sore from all the prostrating and bowing (lol) Then last year was one of the best Taraweeh, we got to stand behind the men instead of up in the balcony (I liked that - felt more 'in-tune' with everything)

Hope you get to attend more of them!

Candice said...

Anisah: Is that the one on Grand-Allée? I plan on going there once before the end of Ramadan (it's the mosque I was referring to in my post!) We really should meet up!

Melissa said...

Wow, mashallah!! I want to go to tarweeh, but I don't really know how it's done, and I went once when we were in Turkey, it was a mosque in a village and I was reeeally upset, the imam was speeding through it! That's NOT how it's supposed to be, I was so upset about that...

a bathrobe? Well...maybe she didn't have anything she felt would be covering properly? I don't know...but a bathrobe is a strange choice for prayer wear at the mosque.

oh, and I gave you an award at my blog :)

Candice said...

Just follow the group! It's basically like sets of 4 rakat prayers from what I was able to get. I didn't much know how it was done. But luckily a friend told me it was 8 rakat or continue to the end. Could have been awkward if I decided to continue and then leave after 10 or 12. haha.
Thanks for the award!

Irish muslimah :P xxx said...

yeah sounds like here , most the mosques rarely transalte without a huge demand.
And most are in punjabi or urdu
:( .
so annoying wish theyd just translate,there very fast too super speed tarawih lol .
were as im alot slower than this. and get all puzzled and lost ....

Candice said...

I don't know how many mosques here translate because I've only been to the local one and another a couple hours from here. At the other one though, it was funny because it was all in French except for the expressions and the Qur'an parts (which they translated anyway) so I was the one to understand better while my husband was having trouble! hehe

About it being quick, yeah, it was pretty quick for me! I need to think a lot longer than that to really grasp the meaning of what is being recited and pronounced. But the long Qur'an recitation parts that I couldn't understand were so long for me!

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