Friday, July 24, 2009


My uncle has been sending me a bunch of pictures today. For some reason, he went and dug up all sorts of old pictures. Here are me and my brother at about 3.5 years old and 1 year old respectively. We don't look much alike now... Well, we do in some ways because we are both kinda tall and skinny and have oval faces with light skin and freckles and are overall just "normal" looking since we don't have any especially remarkable features like perfectly high cheekbones or negative ones like a crooked nose. But he has curly red hair, mine is so straight and brown. He has green eyes and mine are brown... And we have a cousin that looks SO MUCH like him that it just makes me look a bit less like his sis!

But don't we look a bit alike on this picture? Our eyes are popping out in the same way, I find!

3 Comentários:

Sarah the Seeker said...

I had the exact same haircut as a kid! Straight dark hair too.

Yeah you do look alike, apart from the hair!

Umm Omar said...

you do look so much alike! You two are cuties. :-)

Candice said...

Sarah: lol about the haircut. I had that haircut for waaaaay too long :p

Umm Omar: Thanks! I love that my parents took lots of pictures of us and lots of hours of video of us when we were young. So fun to look back at it.

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