Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Ramadan Checklist

I got a Ramadan Checklist online (called "Month of Mercy Activities Student Checklist") and it has a bunch of daily activities, some specific to Fridays and some weekly requirements. I like the idea of a checklist to mark my progress, but this particular one is a bit "advanced" for me.

I don't know what some of things even are, actually. For example, praying the 13 rakahs of Sunnah prayers... I don't know when they are at all. Making my morning Dhikr... I don't know what that means, really... I will have to ask my husband though. Making tawbah and istighfaar... No clue what that means.

I will be focusing on praying all the prayers, being more patient and kind overall, giving to charity (money but also time since I will not have my daughter for part of the month).

Here is what I have so far:

-Fast succesfully
-Pray the 5 prayers each day
-Go to mosque at least once for the night prayer (it is far)
-Memorize 4 of the shorter surahs and their meanings
-Reduce things like television, books that don't teach anything valuable, music
-Read Qur'an (translation) at least 5 mins each day
-Listen to Qur'an recitation at least 5 minutes each day
-Memorize some duas (or their English translation, not sure yet) and incorporate them into life
-Set up a few small challenges for myself
* go a full day without saying any negative comment
* spend a full day in hijab
* go a full day without any television or radio or computer

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Anisah said...

masha'allah sounds very good indeed ;)
( i dunno what those things mean either )

Stacy K. said...

4 surahs? That is quite a bit, but I think you can do it if you start right away.

I also like that you're only starting with a full day in hijab. Start small so you don't get overwhelmed.

I also like the one about not making negative comments. I'll try that one myself. I am also trying to show more patience with Layla, which is really hard at times!

cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

Your checklist is great! I like the one about not saying anything negative...it's weird that a lot of people think fasting is just about not eating and drinking, when in fact it is also about not swearing, not thinking negatively etc.

Aalya said...


I really like that list! Many of those are on my own list! May Allah helps us to accomplish everything on our list and keep us on the right path!

I hope that you will keep us updated on how the list is going? :)

Amanda said...

I find your checklist very good.. it's realistic and I'm sure you'll be able to stick to it, instead of planning something unnatainable and getting frustrated.

ANd you gave me an excellent idea.. I'm gonna start my list now!

Take care!

Candice said...

Thanks for the comments! I was getting "worried" about not having received any comments on it, but I'd put the date to July 18th so comments weren't posted (they were in my moderation section) and it probably didn't help that it was so far away to find!

Mrs. S said...

Ma'shallah, what a great list! I especially enjoy that your goals are both challenging and attainable.

Candice said...

Thanks! Yes, I definitely want them to be attainable so I don't get fully discouraged, but at the same time, I don't want to stop at simply fasting and changing nothing else about myself. I will try my best to complete this much and keep it up after Ramadan. Insha'Allah, I will succeed :)

Unknown said...

As salaamu alaikum sister, Alhamdulliah, your list is very positive , masha Allah. I pray that Allah grants you success, mercy and a blessed ramadan , Ameen.

caraboska said...

Sunnah prayers: this could mean a few different things:

1) there are optional prayer times beyond the five regular ones - midmorning (DuHaa), Witr (right before bedtime), and Qiyaam al-Layl (getting up in the last third of the night - counting from Maghrib to Fajr); 2) extra rakat beyond the ones that are 'required' for the five regular prayers; 3) special extra prayers that are said only during Ramadan. You should be able to get the details online.

Dhikr: This is a practice commonly associated with Sufi Islam. It means remembrance of God and can involve such things as reciting the names of God, or such phrases as Subhan Allah, etc.

Tawbah: Repentance

Istighfar: Sounds like forgiveness.

caraboska said...

PS Yes, istighfaar does have to do with forgiveness - seeking forgiveness, to be exact.

Candice said...

Thank you for those clarifications! Good to start knowing what it means! :)

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