Thursday, July 16, 2009

Husband's birthday: What do do?!?!

It's my husband's birthday on July 24th and I don't know what to do for him or get him. We are very different people when it comes to gifts. I know he loves electronics and these things and that's what he always tries to get me. I hate this stuff and I can't imagine what he could want or need!! Games... well he is picky on his games but he loves them. He needs to break the addiction so I would never want to encourage it.

He keeps telling me he wants me to go to Egypt as a gift. So far the plan is for him to go alone with Nora for 3 weeks (he wants to make it 4 maybe) next month and I only have 1 week of vacation left. It does not seem worth it for me to go for only a few days. I will want more! And I will go back to work exhausted!!

So he really won't tell me at all what he might want except for the Egypt thing, so I will have to decide myself... I will try to get Nora a babysitter for the night so we can go have a nice supper, go see a movie, and have some time just him and me in the evening.

I would love for him to have a wedding ring! His hand is BARE! So that would be an idea. If not, a... I have no clue. I'm thinking of things I want for him!! Gah! Ideas appreciated! Anyone with a gadget-freak husband?!

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ellen557 said...

Looool yes mine is like that! So far I have gotten him a ring (actually he liked that one) and a trip to another state that he wanted to visit. I think your ring idea sounds beautiful though!
Or I guess you could buy him a wii? They're quite expensive though, but they look like fun hehe. Or ummmm, mine really wants a bluetooth headset for his phone?
It's really hard to buy for men >.<

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

The wii is a pretty good idea. I think that the ring is a good idea as well. My husband has one that is titanium that he really likes. It didn't cost that much and is really resistant to scratching and bending. I think it cost around $130 if I remember correctly (5 yrs ago). You could always cook your husband a whole egyptian feast, or buy a multi-course meal at a good Middle Eastern restaurant.

Nikki said...

My husband doesn't have a wedding ring yet but we've discussed it and he will be getting one soon. He thinks rings are uncomfortable, but he's a sweetheart and wants people to know he's 'taken.' (since wedding rings are pretty standard for men in america)That may be a good gift for your husband if he's open to the idea.

i wish I had better advice, but i'm constantly getting my husband gifts he doesn't want. Books he's never read, CD's he doesn't listen to, and once when I tried to go the 'sentimental' route and got him a teddy bear that said قلبي on it he said 'what am I going to do with a toy?' He ended up saying it was sweet...but now it's in our son's room and i have to admit i don't really know what i expected him to do with it, lol. I don't think grown men sleep with teddy bears.

The two gifts that I can say he uses without a doubt are the ipod adapter i got for his cd player in his car and the case i bought for his external hard drive. How boring, right? shopping for girls is much more enjoyable...

cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

Shopping for guys is so hard! The ring idea sounds really sweet, along with the dinner and time alone idea.
It depends on what gadgets he already has. The wii also sounds good, and maybe an iphone (it's the most amazing gadget).
Let us know what you end up getting!

Candice said...

He has the XboX 360 already so he's set for videogames. I don't think he'd like the Wii like I would anyway! I think we have a bluetooth but we don't use it cause we have it set up to get calls on our car speakers if we're driving.

Nikki: I think the teddy is so cute and sweet. I'd love a customized teddy, but I know he probably wouldn't and our daughter would just use it.

He has the ipod adaptor for the car and the charger and he also has an external hard drive but it's all set up fine... Gah!

CLA: Yeah, he has the iPhone so it's pretty much an iPod too! He really has every gadget I can imagine, which is why I can't think of anything else he might want or possibly need!

And he doesn't want a ring, wouldn't wear it he said... He finds it annoying I think. People here don't get married, we're top of the world for co-habitation, so it means nothing to people here that he has no ring at least.

Anisah said...

salam alaykom... before I read ur last comment I was gonna mention that if you get a ring..make sure it's silver and not gold !!
one mistake I did was get one for my husband...with a's tiny..the diamond...( was to symbolize the twinkle in his eye when he looks at me :))
anyway in Islam..rings are just not a biggie..
hay Harry Potter is in the theaters !!
so. ya I think the night out is great idea !!
mexicain??? three amigos? movie...?? :) I wanna go too! lol

Candice said...

Oh yeah, Harry Potter! My husband would so not go for that though! We like totally different styles of movies. He likes the action stuff, the superheroe movies... I am not a huge movie person so I just go along with it, but I'd rather watch a comedy.

Anisah, I've been wanting to contact you to meet up one weekend like for an afternoon while Ahmed goes to do his things in Montreal...

And yeah, I learned about the rings some time ago. So disappointing! I want him to have a gold one like I do! They should match!

struggling said...

I think a ring is a great idea :). My husband has a titanium one (he hates anything sparkly or shiny). My husband loves electronics too, our anniversary is on the 23rd and I have no clue what to get him either, between his birthday, Eids and 4 previous anniversaries I think he has enough. Really all I can think about is a Wii Fit (they are on sale at shoppers drugmart, I think it's the last day for the sale, not sure ($99) ).

Candice said...

I would love a Wii but he's not that type! He has his XBox360 which is really not intersting for me. I am a Nintendo fan, all the others.. not so much. Nintendo is just FUN. :)

I think a supper and time alone together for an anniversary is good enough. There are too many occaisions, seriously! said...

I think that its more difficult to choose a present for guys. I mean if I guy like me gets a pretty rose, I'd show my appreciation with a smile but later not know what to do with it.

What I'd do is look for something that would give benefit to him such as Islamic Lecture CDs, Islamic Books, prayer clothes such as caps, amamat, etc. You could look for tutorial CDs that teaches about the things that he majors in. For example, architects would love the latest sketchup, autocadd or revit tutorial CDs. Graphic designers might like the flash tutorial CDs that are being sold online.

All the best!

Hajar said...

Since you mentioned xbox 360, how about the gadgets/accessories to go with it?

alien said...

Write your husband a poem.

أم ترافيس said...


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