Friday, July 31, 2009

Help me decide: Is that good enough?

My boss came to my office and I was too busy to actually have a discussion with him, but he was asking about my daughter and I told him about how I didn't know everything because I wasn't there but explained overall, and told him that I needed to be there from now on. She'd be seeing a physio, ergo and the rhumatologist in Montreal (1.5h away). He asked me if I had any vacation time left so I said yes, 6 days. So I get the feeling he won't let me take another week off and that I will have to use those days to go to appointments. I wanted to take afternoons off for appointments and have those hours deducted from my pay. I feel like I need another week of vacation time, seriously! Been there now for almost a year and a half and I took 1 week off in a row only.

It's not good enough, is it?

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Becky said...

It's definitely not good enough, he shouldn't be forcing you to spend your vacation time on this. It's necessary to take extended periods of time off when having a vacation in order to properly relax and wind down, get a proper break, otherwise you'll be just as stressed when you get back to work.

In my opinion, taking afternoons off and having those hours deducted from your pay, when your daughter has appointments, is more than fair enough.

I really hope this will all work out for you, you and your family are in my prayers.

Candice said...

Thanks for your comment. You're so right...! I'm glad to have gotten that from him or else I might've caved when I met him for real when I decide to have that talk. Now I'll be prepared enough to tell him that I will be taking a week off in a row like a person should and that there's no other option than deductions from my pay the few times I might have to be away.

Tuttie said...

it's NOT good enough. I feel that your rights as an employee are being violated.

In the US there is a Family and Medical Leave Act that grants 12 workweeks of unpaid leave during any 12 month period for one or more of the following reasons: Birth and care of the newborn of the employee, placement with the employee of a son or daughter for adoption of foster care. To care for an immediate family member (spouse, child, or parent) with a serious health condition OR to take medical leave when the employee is unable to work because of a serious health condition.

I am not familiar with Canada but I am wondering if they may have the same or similar act?

Sarah the Seeker said...

I would try to find out what the law says you are entitled to. It will be good to be armed with that information.

It seems to me that you get very little annual vacation time, and very little paid leave of absence for sickness. All the jobs I've had have given me much more than this.

In jobs with flexible hours, I've seen people take time out to take care of sick children and then make up the time later. But if your hours are fixed then this is not an option. Still, I don't feel that you should have to take it as vacation time since you get so little anyway.

Taking it as unpaid leave should be acceptable. I think giving only 5 paid sick days per year is mean, but if it's within the law, then I guess unpaid leave is the way to go.

Hijabee said...

No, it's not good enough. Don't you get sick days or disability leave in case you have to take care of a family member who's ill? Maybe you should talk to Human Resources and see what your rights are

Stephanie said...

Salam Alaikum--Here in the US we have something called FMLA (Federal Medical Leave Act). If you or a child has a medical condition your employer has to give you time off to deal with it no questions asked. Don't they have anything similar in Canada? There must be some protection for workers?

Anisah said...

Candice.... as you know I have been through this..ended up working for the hospital one bothers me now ! ( better benefits anyway than ur present job ;)like medical insurance...another reason I work at a hospital, pays 80% percent of meds.. which at one time costed me about 150 bucks every three weeks.
I'm sure u have plenty of qualifications....
anyhow...employers do not understand about chronically ill children. it's just the way it is.
I think ur husband is really gonna have to step up...soon.
I was a single mom alone with 2 youngsters...and its really hard to see ur child in pain, give her meds on time, do her physio and just plain be there to hold her when she needs it.
btw, it does get better. When she is stable and the flare up is over, it gets back into routine.

Stephanie, no we do not have this..
But Candice... please speak to the doctor about ur situation. They can help....even..I once got Sarah in a study and it paid for parking and gas..

FI amenallah

Candice said...

Sarah: It seems it's within the law for them to just allow me this much only. I have 10 days of holiday and 5 days off paid for sickness. I've taken my sick ones already (most of those were taken when Nora was admitted to the hospital in May).

For the other employees who have been here for a few years, this is the first year they have allowed them their 2 weeks of vacation in a row. They used to only be allowed 1 week in a row and the rest in days or afternoons here and there. That was crazy unfair and I wouldn't have stood for that for 3 years like some of them did!!

Anisah: I keep thinking that I'll look for a new job once I hit 2 years being at this one but I'm worried I'd only downgrade except for the flexibility part. Here I have no flexibility. It's the same hours all the time and they don't easily allow days off (when they have to, they do and give you some attitude). But it's a nice office and the bosses don't bother us during the day. We get treated very well when everything is gong well...

Thanks for the support, it's so good to hear about it from someone who has gone through it.

Yasemin said...

I agree with Hijabee about going to HR. Go over his head and then and only then, go back and just calmly ask him what he meanr exactly, and what he would like to see you do. When you pretend to give them power, they feel very powerful LOL.

Don't take this lying down sweetie, in America you could have filed for a leave based on this. I mean what if your husband was the breadwinner here and had to work so hard too with no chance to take her to the appointments? You'd probably be even more active than you've been up to this point sweetie.

Inshallah it all works out and love you!

Candice said...

We're a small company so there's the "big boss" and the boss. The big boss is not really active in running the company, but it's his and the decisions are his. The other boss manages everything and they meet up for breakfast every day to go over whatever is happening in the company. So yes, he makes decisions, but as far as we can see, the "small boss" does because he manages everything.

So I do plan on going to the big boss on this and explaining the situation, but I know they'll just be talking it over in the morning and everything will get to the other boss (who yelled at me) within 24h. And the only one I will have to actually deal with is the managing boss.

Making them feel power is probably a good way... I will have to think all of it over! Thanks :)

Jamilah said...

I feel very sorry for the stress you are encountering. When I used to work in an office setting I would get so upset and torn when I had to leave work for my son... I knew that they were so mad at me, and it stressed me out to no end. Getting laid off was the best thing that happened to me. It let me find my job teaching and a slightly more flexible approach as everyone there is a mother as well..

May Allah make it easy for you.

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