Thursday, July 16, 2009

Baby Names - Just for fun!

I love names and I've been making lists of names since I was 10 or something. More seriously since I was 15 and my cousin got pregnant, which made me discover a baby names forum. I'm not a regular anymore, but I was for a couple years at least!

My taste in names has definitely evolved over time, from slightly weirder names that just sound cute to more classic names (which are still my overall style). More recently, I've begun to appreciate more "Islamic" names. Names that have good meanings for a Muslim and names that are part of Islamic history. For the meanings, I don't care if it's an English, French, Arabic, as long as the word is a good meaning. I wouldn't consider a name like Oliver Islamic, but it's not against Islam either and I think it's fine.

Here are some names I love, Islamic or not:

Nora (already used!)


I used to not like names that were too obviously Muslim, like Muhammad, Abdallah, other Abd names at all, but I guess with my growing conviction of Islam, I have begun to love these names as well. I would rather not name my child Muhammad since it is really so so common in the Muslim world, and just a name that isn't seen positively by non-Muslims.

I have really grown in my taste in Arabic names. I didn't like them much before, but I could even see myself using a name like Adbdullah now. I want to look over the Abd names to see which I like, but Abdullah has the best meaning, and flows more than the other Abd names to me.

What are some of your favourite names?

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Ahmed said...

hmm Great!
makes me feel happy :)

Anonymous said...

ASA Candice,
Nice topic...I love names as well...some of my favorite are

Abdul Qudus

Malek (of course)

Non Islamic

Candice said...

Thanks for joining us, Ahmed. That is my hubby. :p Please don't think I wanna have a kid soon! And don't think I will for sure decide to want Abdallah as a name!

Malek: Nice list of names, especially Malek!

cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...



It's hard for me to find names for boys that I like a lot. For girls I have so many favourites.

Anonymous said...

sister how can you say this!!!!!!!!! just becuae non muslims dont see muhammad as a good name does not matter. he is the most blessed man o have walked this earth and role model to all and the best f names for a kid!!! so what if its common too i mean a lot of names you see now arent even real muslim names! be careful where you get the names from

Candice said...

Sorry if my comment, and my name selection offended you, but I am honest here. I would not want to name my child Muhammad. The point of my post was to say that I have begun to appreciate Muslim names more, including Muhammad (if you read carefully), but I added that I would not want to use it.

I don't like names that are too common. That's just me. I like uncommon names that are not "weird" either, that's the balance I feel comfortable with in naming. I am not from a Muslim family, and naming a child Muhammad would be a real kick in the face to them. They know Nora is Muslim and will be raised as one, even though they don't think I am Muslim, and they accept it. I don't need to cause any more hardships to them. And I don't want to cause hardships to my child either by using this name that, as I said, is not seen well here. It's not the biggest reason, but it is one. Big reason might just be that I don't like the way the name sounds that much. It's really just a name I would not consider for my child. But as I said, I appreciate it, and love it as an Islamic name.

havva said...

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BN said...

Assalamu alaikom! Hello I am new here. I too feel the same about using "Arab" names. We have to remember that many of the names that people call "Muslim" or "Islamic" names are simply just old arab names. Names that were used long before the early Islamic Era.

Like the name Khadija & Fatimah. The first wife of the Prophet (saw) was named Khadija and Khadija's mother was named Fatimah. Khadija also named one of her daughters Fatimah. So the name Khadija and Fatimah was around before the revelation. As well as many other names. Many people whose names had good meanings didn't have to change their names after they converted to Islam.

My husband tried to argue with me about names.. he argued it had to be a name that other religions didn't associate with.. We are not talking about obvious christian names (like paul or timothy) but names he said that christians would more likely name their children (like oliver).. I refused his argument.. because undoubtedly Khadija, Fatimah, Najeshi and other arab names were also used alot by the pagan arabs, so why didn't these people change their names or give up the use of that name completely? Ya know since many of the pagans were also using the same exact names.. Answer, is because they were good names with good meanings.

If an english name has a good meaning and it isn't an obvious christian name then I feel it is okay to name your child that.. You could even give it a chinese name if you want.. just as long as it is a good name with a good meaning.. the name doesn't have to be an "Arab" name.

Anyhow, sorry to ramble on about this.. I liked your choice of names, because I finally convinced on the name subject and we plan to name our future son "Oliver" which happens to mean.. Kind, Affectionate and stems from the name "Olive tree"

Candice said...

BN, thanks for commenting! I like your new blog too, btw! How great that you managed to convince your husband of your point of view! No such luck with my husband. He has double standards. Wouldn't mind a name that isn't Arab for a girl much, but when it comes to a boy, he needs to have a "better" name. He is SO affected by his Egyptian culture, where there are girls named Nancy. Not an Arab name and not part of Islamic history. In fact, it's part of Christians more, but not a name with a bad meaning at least. He finds that OK for girls, just like Egyptians find it OK. But the same criteria for a boy doesn't work for him.

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