Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Allah is fading

That title sounds really bad... And I guess that might be one of the reasons having a henna'ed "Allah" might not be allowed. I henna'ed "Allah" on my wrist and the word is starting to fade... I think this is why some people say that it is haram to have the name of Allah on your body?

What do you believe?

I think it's a reasonable argument... But then again, would that mean that it's haram to write it on a piece of paper that could potentially be "mistreated"? Jews write G-d to avoid anything "bad" happening to the name of God, even online, but I've always thought it was a bit much. We know it means God and the word God is not God himself... So it leads me to thinking that it might be perfectly OK for me to have "Allah" written on me.

I found it to be a positive thing. When I touch my hair or something, I see the design and I think of Allah! I might not have otherwise! :)


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Ldn.Hijabi said...

The only thing I think that's kinda bad about it is that it remains on ur skin when you enter a dirty place, such as a toilet.

I've always been told that we shouldn't take anything with Allah's name on it into the toilet. I take my Ayat-ul-Kursi necklace off before I go in there. I think it makes sense, but I've never read anything in the Qur'an or Hadith that says anything about it.. =|

Candice said...

I don't think it's such a bad thing to bring in the written name of Allah in the bathroom. I wouldn't take off a necklace for that reason... It makes us ritually unpure, but being ritually unpure doesn't make us unpure to do regular things... We can even read the Qur'an (just not touch it). I think you could argue that you can't touch your necklace until you've done wudu again, but that would mean you can't really wear it since you could become unpure anytime (passing gas, for example).
I have brought my Qur'an into the bathroom, but not read it while sitting on the toilet or anything. I guess I also have this view that it's something naughty we are doing there. lol. My daughter always hides in the corner to poop in her diaper and she hasn't been shown that this is something naughter as far as I know! It's in human mind or what? hehe

Ldn.Hijabi said...

Lol I think it is in human nature.

My baby brother used to do that, he would go behind the sofa so noone could see lol.

But, as I said before, it's nothing I have seen written proof for, just something I've been told. If I do read anything regarding it I'll let you know. I'm sure Sahih al Bukhari will say something about it =)

Candice said...

Yes, let me know!! I'm sure there's something somewhere because it has been made part of Islam and taught by parents, etc. to not read Qur'an in the bathroom, etc. So if it has no basis, it must be referenced to somewhere!

Or else people just don't want to argue the "for" side of reading Qur'an while on the can... I sure wouldn't do research to try to show it's OK! haha

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Some of those examples are things that I find frustrating in Islam. The name of God has been worn as an amulet in Semitic cultures before both Judaism and Islam, and I doubt people used to always take them off before relieving themselves. I also don't understand how passing gas invalidates prayer or wudu since it is generally unavoidable. I also don't get the whole idea of your wudu not being valid while wearing nail polish if your hands were clean before you put the polish on. We are all on a path of learning, so don't feel bad asking questions, especially if you are planning on making shahada soon.
God bless.

Candice said...

Thanks for your comment Stacy! I am kind of with you about the nail polish. The argument is that it covers your nails and the water has to reach your nails directly but seriously, if I wore nailpolish regularly, I wouldn't go out of my way to take it off. I think wudu is more about mental preparation than the physical part (if there's no water you can use dirt so somewhere, it's not really about cleaning your physical body). Some people use this water touching the skin as a reason to not have henna!!

I don't know about passing gas, but I've accepted that as something that nullifies the wudu. I feel that it's best to do wudu before each prayer anyway, and I think most people do too. If you were aware enough of yourself from one prayer to the other to know whether or not you passed gas or went to the bathroom, then you are still in the "state of mind" for prayer. So I understand not having to do it again. But seriously, it's hard to remember sometimes and no use really going over your last couple hours thinking about it imo.

ellen557 said...

I have a necklace with Allah's name on it and I try (key word being try haha) to remember to take it off before going to the bathroom... I guess it's just something that I've been taught, I don't really know if there is anything to back it up :| all I know is that I have a bathroom & a separate room for the toilet. So for the toilet, no, I wouldn't take it in there because I associate that with well, yeah you know hahah. But I associate the bathroom with washing myself clean so I don't see anything wrong with taking the Qur'an/something with Allah's name on it in there.

Your posts are always so interesting Candice <3

Candice said...

I will have to check more into this toilet thing! Not a big thing, but it seems to be widespread to take off necklaces and all that... I will ask my husband as well, but I know his Islam is very influenced by culture.

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

erm dont tatoo Allah on ur hand hwdyu go toilet den
thats haraam

Candice said...

Hijabis On Ranting Tour, please try to write a bit more properly, for my sanity (I have a major urge to do something about that comment!!) And do add to the discussion if you comment! Thanks!

cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

Wow this post and comments are interesting. I have an Allah necklace and I've never thought of taking it off when going to the bathroom. The idea has just never crossed my mind. I wonder if it's a cultural prohibition or Islamic one?

Candice said...

Sara (CLA), I have been Googling around a bit today and didn't find much, but there were some places saying that the wearing of the necklace is not allowed because it's shirk! I can kind of imagine certain situations where it is like wearing the necklace for protection and these types of things. The necklace will not protect you, it's just a necklace. I tend to feel like wearing it just to remember God more is fine. But at the same time, it feels a bit like an imitation of Christians and their cross necklaces. I donno.

I will try to find more educated opinions and if I do, I'll make a separate post on it.

Tutti said...

as salaamu aalaykum,
i could be wrong but wajib and fard aren't the same thing.
Fard is fard and you will get in trouble for not doing it.

Fard comes first
Wajib comes next
Sunna (here there are a couple of categories, the sunnah that the Prophet (saw)would NEVER miss like the two sunnah rakats before fajr. The sunna that he would sometimes do like the four before Asr.

So a wajib prayer (for US)would be Witr. it is highly recommended a little step above sunnah but below fard. AllahuaAlem

Candice said...

Thanks for the clarification, Tutti! I figured there must be some sort of difference between the meanings. Makes sense what you say. Still don't know which parts of the prayer are considered fard, wajib and sunnah though. I need to check up on that a little.

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