Monday, June 15, 2009


I finally chose my vacation week! :D I will finish Friday the 26th at 4PM and will come back July 5th. A FULL WEEK and two weekends off!! I am sooooo excited! This is the first time I work a job that has vacations. I was a student when I got my first job at 13 and worked summers from there on until I got a job in Egypt that I ended up keeping only a few months before going on bedrest and then going to Canada.

I've been working at this place for 15 months now and it's my first vacation time. Last summer I just worked it and took the money at the end of the year. I wasn't tired enough after just a few months worked, but now I am in NEED! I am just in the worst mood at home and at work as well. At work I guess it can almost be a good thing since I work as a collections agent and I am rougher with them when I am in a bad mood, but still... It has been rough for ME. Hopefully I will get some good rest, good fun, and finish painting the apartment and putting up the frames and decoration. And I want to try to work on my marriage one last time.

Woohoo, it is soooooon!

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zainab1 said...

As salaamu alaikum sister ,enjoy ,enjoy,enjoy, we all need a vacation every now and then. I'm sure its well deserved(smile) . As salaamu alaikum

Candice said...


Lisa said...

I stood up when I read these words and literally screamed Miss Candice :)

"Collection agent."

How on Earth did you survive 15 MONTHS in that position without going nuts?? You are BRAVE habibty.

The reason Im telling you this is that I worked at Dell as a consumer/gamer, computer phone seller for one year and took my two weeks in the first 3 months.

Because I HAD to or I would lose my sanity.

Collections is SO hard. Especially with this economy!

Sweetie, this job is enough to make any marriage difficult!

Everyday at Dell was the worst day of my life, they work you to the bone (mandatory overtime, 12 hr days, days off on Sundays and Wednesdays-no exceptions, schedule changes every 3 months.)

I'm sure you endure similarities in addition to these with angry customers. Ours WANTED a computer, we just jacked up the price :) Yours don't even want to be on the phone!

I do wish you were going somewhere sweetie. You deserve Disney World, though with this job, you probably would rather sleep.

Also, I wanted to say that 15 months is a long time! Do you guys at least get paid time off after you work there 90 days, so you could occasionally have 1 day off?

I think your marriage will get better. I wish that you didn't have to work, because this alone is probably the cause of many of your marital issues. It's hard when working so much to have the time to communicate, and harder still when working something so much more demanding than most people are used to....

Love you and hope you have the best time off ever. You deserve Fiji sweetie, a 5 star hotel, and your own cabana after what you've been through :)

Candice said...

Thank you for such a sweet comment, Lisa! I actually like my job though. It's not easy to deal with sometimes, but it's pretty varied and we have large spacious offices to work in with lunch paid on Fridays. We are a small company with bosses making lots of money so they reward us. :p

Still though, a vacation is in order!!

Lisa said...

Lunch paid? Mashallah that's a good perk! Hope it's somewhere really expensive :) Love you lots.

The Gori Wife said...

You should go somewhere! Even if it's just on one of the weekend, and even if it's just a day trip. Vacations are meant to be VACATED! Leave the house!

Have fun!

Candice said...

Thanks! I plan on going to the Montreal Jazz Festival at least a few times and at the zoo here in my city. Will come back to sleep at home though!

Sarah the Seeker said...

15 months without a break is a long time. You must be so tired. I hope you will get more time off, too. I guess during Ramadan might be a good time to take some? :)

"And I want to try to work on my marriage one last time."
This sounds like you are at the end of your rope... does he even realise you feel this way? I hope he wakes up and tries to resolve at least some of the issues. Let me know if you want to chat/IM or something, I'd be happy to give my perspective or just give you a chance to vent. ;) xx

Solace In Islam said...

There is nothing like a vacation to give one a new lease on life! Try to go away - it feels much more like a holiday when one is not at home

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