Thursday, June 4, 2009

A henna party

I will be buying, most likely, a bag of henna powder online for a henna party I decided to have with a couple co-workers. Any tips on where to buy, how much I should be paying, what quantity I should buy?

How long does the powder last? Any good websites for tips on how to mix, how to apply, designs, etc? I found Henna Page which looks awesome.

Who in Canada or Quebec has had one? Where did you get your henna powder? How did it go? Tips for a first-time henna-er?

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Jamilah said...

My advice is to go to and buy their pre mixed paste... its so much easier and it lasts. If you get powder and try to mix it yourself you won't get the same good results.

Malek said...

ASA A henna party sounds like fun!!!

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

I would not go with the pre-mix tubes from the indian grocery stores. They don't get very dark or last long at all. I would either go with a reputable online supplier or look up detailed instructions on how to mix it yourself. Will you be using stencils or do you know how to do designs?

Umm Omar said...

Henna cones are the way to go!

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