Thursday, June 18, 2009


I love Arabic calligraphy. This one up here is so beautiful! Click it to open the full size to really see the detail in the colouring. I took it from A Learning Muslimah's blog post where she has a bunch of Arabic calligraphy.
It makes me want a tattoo. I love body art. I think it's beautiful, first of all, but also, I just love the idea of having on my body things that mean something to me and remind me of my journey... I don't have any tattoos though, and I don't really plan on getting any since I'm not sure about how I feel about the permissibility of it. I ordered some henna so I'll have fun with that for a while. :)
Gorgeous calligraphy up there though, right?

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zainab1 said...

As salaamu alaikum , Beautiful, masha Allah. I have calligraphy in my home, I love it. As salaamu alaikum.

Sarah the Seeker said...

It's an amazing art form. You couldn't do this with English script!

Stephanie said...

Salam Alaikum
I love arabic calligraphy as well. Sarah's right, you couldn't do this with English. Arabic truly is a beautiful and amazing language. I hope someday I will be more fluent in it, at least to be able to read and recite the Quran in Arabic and understand it's meaning in it's intended language. Also, you should avoid putting the name of Allah on your body since your body may be exposed to impurities. Sorry, not trying to sound like the haram police :)_

cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

Yes, Arabic calligraphy is amazing! The script seems like it's made for calligraphy. I love the one you posted.

Candice said...

So true, we couldn't do this with English... I was a huge doodler in school and I'd write things in a calligraphy type way. Of course, not in Arabic, in English... And it's funny cause I'd make lines kinda straighter than they are, and I'd add dots in places as decoration. Looked a tiny bit like Arabic script and this was back when I probably didn't know these letters existed.

rahma said...

I absolutely adore arabic calligraphy as well.

I have a list of some of my favorite artists here -

Lisa said...

I loved this one especially from Habayeb's blog. You are an amazing artist and should open a business doing henna dear. Love you.

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