Friday, May 1, 2009

Stupid Health System!

I'm in Canada I am usually OK with our medical system. It's quick for pregnant women and children have regular exams that are pretty quick too... And that's most of what I have ever used it for. I'm glad I don't have to stress out about paying so much for every little thing that happens. But MAN, it is so LONG if you get sick and it's so hard to find a family doctor. I'm glad I have one now, but I cannot get an appointment with her. The only appointments I have are the yearly gynecological exams. If I get sick, I can't make an appointment for the day after or anything. I have to go wait at the clinic. I did this with my daughter yesterday. I got my brother to get a number at 3pm. I finished working at 5pm and we got there around 530. I thought it would almost be our turn -- but NO! We waited until almost 7pm to see a rude rough doctor. And he just told us to go to the hospital emergency!

So we went to the hospital and waited there for 2-3 hours until we saw a doctor who checked basically the same things as the other doctor, only to say it was her ear infection causing all this. SHE HAS NOT WALKED IN 2 DAYS!! She doesn't eat, she drinks less than usual but at least is not dehydrated, she is just weak... has been to weak to cry even for most of this. I feel so bad. He switched her antibiotics. If this is really the problem, then that other fool could have told us. If not, then that fool at the emergency room is just causing my daughter more days of pain instead of getting her tested right.

I had to get it off my chest. :(

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Sarah said...

It must be so worrying as a mum. It sounds like she probably has the same thing as you, if you got sick at the same time. All you can do is go back if she gets worse I guess. Is it a public healthcare system in Canada? We have one and it sounds similar. :( But doctors usually know what they're doing! I hope you both feel better soon.

Yasemin said...

I do believe an ear infection could cause it. A bad enough one tha is untreated knows no bounds, and could cause nausea and fever.

It makes me wonder about your system, what would happen if a girl needed a once every 3 months pap smear? Like for me because I had a negative one once, for cervical cancer. Yikes. Not that we're any better here though in the U.S. where things are pretty dismal unless you are employed by one of the few companies to offer insurance. I have none currently. Love you dear. Hope you all feel better.

Candice said...

You could get appointments every 3 months here for sure. No worries about that.

Nora's ear infection was minor though... No one was concerned except that doctor. Anyway, we went back to the emergency room yesterday and she has been admitted now and will stay there for some days as far as we can tell... The latest news is that it's probably a virus. Maybe mono... Poor Noonie....

Anisah said...

oh Candice.. you should have called me !!
I can get u an appointment right off....all be it in Montreal..but she would get the best care.
You know you have a right to take her out of that hospital if you want and take her to the ER at the Children;s or Ste Justine's.
Well, if there is anything at all I can do to help...pls..please call me , it would be my pleasure to open some doors for you.
May God be with you

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