Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ya Seen: My questions (Part 2)

36:38 - It says that the sun runs its course... Reading it gives me the impression of the sun orbitting around the earth and not the other way around. What we *see* is the sun going from one side to the other, but that is an illusion and not the truth since the Earth is the one running its course around the sun. Is there another clear way I could see this that makes more sense to me?

36:53 - What is this "single blast" exactly? This is out of curiosity after it being referred to a few times in the surah. Just a natural disaster that will kill the disbelievers?

36:66 - It seems to mean that if God wanted to make them blind to the straight path, He could have. Meaning that he didn't even if He had the power to. But didn't He, in other parts of the Qur'an, seal their hearts, make them blind, all this??

I often have feelings of deja-vu, like I was in this exact situation before. I just got one. I was finishing the surah with this same phrase, putting down the Qur'an and looking at what I had written, which was this same question I just wrote. I honestly hate this deja-vu feeling... It happens too often, leaves me feeling like I've lived my life before and just forgotten it.

Anyway. The only other thing I wanted to say is that there are lots of things I don't understand in the surah, but they are mostly things I will want to learn about in the future if I become Muslim and that are not in a big way affecting my doubt of the Qur'an. So of course, these 6 questions I have posted about Ya Seen are not the only ones I could have come up with! There would be too many to count!

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malekat_el7oriya said...

those are really good questions candice, but i don't want to answer them for fear that what i say may be wrong. So i have an idea. There's a website called bayynat, for a really great imam, and you can send any questions of anything related to the quran and islam. It is very trusted and you'll usually get an answer in a pretty short period of time. So if you want I'll give you the site:

First go to
Then pick a language arabic, english, farsi or french.

After you pick a language, it'll take you to his main page. On the left column, you'll see Q&A press on that. Then scroll down to the end of the page and you'll see "Send Question" click that and it'll take you to a place to wirte your questions in and send them to the imam. then when they answer, they'll send it to your e-mail address.
I don't know i hope this helps sister, :)
and i didn't know you were thinking of becoming muslim! that's great! May Allah have his blessings on you and i hope everything goes well!!

Candice said...

Thanks, I submitted my question. I'll try to update with the response whenever I receive one.

But please don't be afraid of putting in your thoughts. I don't want to have scholars' opinions only. Even if you don't know what the answer is, if you have any thought on it, state it as a thought ("I think this could mean...") and you won't be wrong. Because it *is* what you think at that moment! When things are worded properly, I think there's little risk of leading people in the wrong direction in the case that you were not exactly right. That's what my whole blog is about!

malekat_el7oriya said...

yeah you're right, i could have done that, but i wasn't exactly sure of the way i wanted to put the words to make it make sense :S i mean somethings just seem to make sense in my head but as soon as i start writing, they just make absolutely no sense at all lol. But thanks any how, and i hope you get an answer quickly :)

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