Thursday, April 23, 2009

Traditional Roles

I'm all for traditional roles. I think that they are traditional for a reason. Because men are better suited for certain things and women for certain (different) things. I also believe that people shouldn't be limited to doing things that fall into the traditional role for their sex, though, and I believe in equal opportunity for all people regardless of their sex. Some men are more nurturing than the average woman and some women are more the "provider" type than the average man. I think that people should do what they are suited to do.

I was always kind of boyish when I was young. I didn't hang out with the guys though; I was always more sensitive and shy than they were. But I was sporty and could overcome my shyness when it came to things I felt comfortable with. I never had a problem being the leader when it came to these things. And I was not much of a nurturing type. I didn't care for dolls much, really... I had a more mechanical mind. Good for solving problems, etc.

I would say I still am most of these things... Except that once I started becoming an adult, which, funnily enough, started at around 18 years old, I found my nurturing side. Not directly. I still didn't have any contact with kids or the elderly, but I found myself thinking differently than I had. Maybe it was just maturity, but my feminine side really developped. This tiny experience of mine makes me think that we really were made a certain way. Men and women differently. And it works out that we perfectly compliment each other!

I forget where I was going with this so I'll leave it at that and post anew when and if I remember (and it still makes sense).

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Anisah said...

yes..this is a belief of mine also and a big reason I became interested in Islam. Because I find Islam protects these roles and defines them in a clear way. ( as long as these rules are not taken advantage of )

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