Friday, April 24, 2009

Things I wanna say. Random and not interesting!

I don't have that many of these posts about my personal life, but I have things on my mind I want to get out!

1) I have to say it, even if I'm the only one who knows and understands. I have a new office! Our office just moved today and we saw our the newone for the first time. And it is WOW! So luxurious and spacious and inviting. I felt depressed when I got to my apartment, really! We spent the day just visiting, unpacking our stuff, eating, talking, etc.

We recently (1 month ago) hired a new employee and were 4 in the office that is really suitable for no more than the 3 we had been. Now we are 2 in a space that is bigger than what we had before. There are big windows letting in a lot of light, nice frames on the walls. And I got a new filing cabinet to put all the crap that had been on the shelves beside me for so long! Our kitchen is really nice and comfy, and we have a full-size fridge (for 6 employees -- we used to have a small one) and a dishwasher and new TV in that kitchen. We have a new living room too for our breaks and lunch time that has a TV too. And a fish tank! I named the fish Edward and Bella and it caught on, hahaha.

2) My fridge died a couple days ago... It really sucked and I was really bummed. I just bought it! Used, yes, but still it wasn't an old fridge when I got it about 8 months ago or anything! So we just bought a new one that will be delivered here tomorrow. And I bought the table we had in our kitchen at the old office. It's one of those square, high tables with 4 chairs. Got a pretty good deal. So I'm getting that tomorrow too.

3) My husband hates used stuff though, he thinks everything used is crap. Well, there's the used fridge that just broke. And the oven I bought at the same time has an element that is burnt or something so that is not good either. Then there's our daughter's bed and bureau... The bed broke. I blame that on my husband's weight because he slept there. And he's not light in any way! But that bureau is good for the trash, the drawers are all broken... Funny that the drawers on a bureau I've had since I was 3 broke the same week! I couldn't believe it! Other used thing that broke is my husband's stupid front-loading washer. And the dryer burnt stuff. Lucky I hadn't sold my perfectly functional ones yet. Other thing: our bed frame. Again, broken. I'm sure that's because of his weight though. He breaks a lot of things. A chair from our current dining set (I got used), a chair my cousin gave us, and 2 chairs from my grand-mother. One of the couches now has springs popping out too. He broke 2 chairs while I was in Egypt though so he cannot blame Canadian quality!

4) My daughter is sick... It has been a tough week because of that... I missed half a day of work. I wish I could have missed more to be there for her but it's difficult with my work. I took a day off but then she felt better so I worked the next half. The day after was the packing day for the big move so I had to be there... It's my stuff afterall! My husband took care of her, thankfully, so she was able to stay home. He's starting to really come through for me when I need him.

5) I need my daughter to sleep in her bedroom and I need to decorate my apartment! But where will I store my husband?!

This post was in no real order... Just what was on my mind in the order in came in.

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