Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sins erased and hajj - continuing the other part of my "tattoo" post

This is just a randomly written thought about sins being erased (which I spoke a tiny bit about in the tattoo post).

I read the hadith earlier about sins being erased for:
1) conversion
2) hijrah
3) hajj

I have seen the attitude from some people that since they are going to get their sins erased when they do hajj, which they plan on doing in their advanced adulthood, that they need not make efforts to submit to God NOW. I think they understand that they could die at any moment, but see it as such a slight possibility that they do not care to consider it. I imagine hajj as being an act of worship and an act of repentance for ones sins as well... So if it's true about sins being erased, this is simply because the person is considered having repented, and was forgiven.

I understand the importance and greatness of forgiveness, but does it satisfy the requirements of forgiveness to simply be someone who knew what was being done was wrong, did it for a long time, never wanting to better himself even if he knew it was wrong every single day, and then decided it was time to go to hajj to start life on that promised slate free of sins?

I guess anyone can be forgiven, but I feel like a lot of people in the situation I described are not repenting truly enough. Yes, they might turn around at mean everything 100%, in which case I can see why they'd be forgiven. But if they knew all along that it was wrong and shouldn't be done, and they had the intention of repenting "later", only to excuse themselves into more activities that are forbidden... Then does deciding to go to hajj really make them repent for real? Why is that particular moment the one when they will repent and truly mean it from the bottom of their heart?

They should have made efforts to be better before and not relied on hajj... I think they will be accountable for their sins despite the hajj...

*I must apologize for the incoherance. I can't fully put it into words right now... The thoughts are not clear!

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hadah said...

hi there, basically, from what i have heard from the ustazs or known as the scholars, to know wether our sins have been erased or our hajj has been accepted by Allah, we should check and observe our behaviours, actions and daily life routine wether it is progressing or remains the same before we perform the hajj. it is not when we accomplish our compulsory rituals that are required during our hajj, we can proudly claim that our sins have been erased and Allah has accepted our hajj but we can know it when we come back to our countries and look at our daily life routine.if we are following what Allah has told us then our hajj have been likely accepted.

Aalia said...

Asalaamu `alaikum wa Jumu`ah Mubarak!!

Candace, here was my reply in the comment section:

Well I know at least one *very* authentic source that ANY Muslim should & would trust: THE QURAN!! Tell him to look up Chapter Al-Ahzab Ayah #33:59Have a nice day :-D

Candice said...

Thanks Hadah. It makes sense that it's more than just the Hajj, but its consequences (being better, etc) afterwards. Thanks for your comment.

Umm Omar said...

It would seem to me to be completely idiotic for someone to say, "I'll get all the sins I can in now and go make hajj next year." I mean, people should use common sense. You can't manipulate God and when God says that sins are forgiven upon conversion or hajj, it's a mercy given to us, it's meant to encourage and motivate and inspire people-to let people know that no matter what they've done in the past, they can turn to God and God will forgive all sins. It's not something that we try to work around, by trying to find the "loopholes" and using it to our "advantage."

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum sis
lol i was curious to no hu u wer cuz u didnt hav an islamic nme but u commentd on islamic i no!!hehe
thanks for giving me the link to the fiances and cousins r non-mahrams post!!

ive had a quick look thru ur blog and i hav to say mashallah even tho ur not muslim yet inshalla u will be one day and i hope u hav a good journey to islam inshallah and that its soo cool n wicked that ur considering coming to islam!!!lol i no thats a lot to say but i had to tel u lol

oh yh bout tattooos ..well ive learnt (what family has taught) that tattoos r haram cuz ur changin ur image or sumthin and in afterlife( if u get a real tattoo)then tht part of ur skin burns or yh we're not allowed em..but sometimes odd times some of our fam let the lil kids sumtimes wear fake tattoos, but obviously wash it off remove it to do wudu etc.n nailpolish lyk if u dun wudu then u can wear it afterwards init but if u need to do wudu agen say u fart lol then u gota remove da nailpolish n do wudu agen hahaa

lol..anyways check out my blog hal786 and my new ihijabi blog too

my hal786 one if u hv time read it ive got stuff on isam and ive got this new thing called hitla and i think u'll like those posts they'll have my islamic views on diffrent life issues inshallah
so ppl hav to vote etc
but for may,june i got exaaaams!!!(yh lol im very young not a sheikha or anyfin lol))
i hope 2 hear from u agen on my blog too!!jazakallah sis.


Candice said...

Welcome Hal. I should say welcome back because I am sure I remember you commenting on a previous post! I have will be sure to check our your blogs. Thanks for commenting!

I must ask though: What about someone who gets a tattoo before being educated about it being haram? Either before converting or before becoming serious in Islam for someone who was born Muslim and got it out of ignorance... Do you still believe it will burn in the afterlife?

I don't see the afterlife as being so much physical though. I think any sin will burn a person in the afterlife in some way or another if the person didn't repent and all good deeds will bring satisfaction.

Anonymous said...

lol maybe i have commentd here b4..i cnt remeber lol i visit too many blogs sis!!

no inshallah i dont think they'll be punished.coz, theres this thing called mukallif i.e. 'morally responsible person' to be classed as a muslim..there has to be 3 comnditions for them to be classed as a muslim, who is accounted for their deeds at the time: islamic thts after puberty)
2.sane (so evn if they muslim if theyre crazy they arent acounted for what they do in that period..say they start killing sum1 lol cuz they go psycho inshallah cuz they wernt in the right frame of mind thye'll be forgiven hehe)
3.the message ofislam has reached them.
so no.3 ..well its actually for a person to go seek out knowledge they shudnt be ignorant but cuz they didnt know then INSHallah it wont matter.
and be4 they knew bout islam then it dusnt matter anyways. but i think nowaday ther r techniques to tke off tattoos arent there???but must b painful lol

i think the after life is VERY physical LOL..ive learnt alot bout hell heaven etc..the smallest punishment in hell is sumthin lyk ur shoes being made of lace thats on fire and the fires so hot ur brain bubbles...well hell is scary..but yh sum1 who repents God forgives Allah is MOst MErciful
the pain in hell is very real.and eternal for some so we need to fix ourselves here right?? thers intersting stories bout repentance ..very cool stories but too long to ryt here ive got em on my blog..along with other stories:
the 1st story is bout repentance, and the rest r cool too read them aswel plz!

take care

Amber said...

That's very much like the people who run around committing sins and then go to confession/say the Jesus prayer/get re-baptized/whatever their denomination calls for. And think they'll get away with it. Many of them just do it over and over and over again. Because, 'God's not going to know', apparently. *shakes head* They're really missing the point.

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