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Piercings... just to continue on with this type of topic

It is generally considered quite OK for women to pierce their ears and wear earrings to beautify themselves. But it is generally considered NOT ok for men to pierce their bodies and for women to pierce anything else. Why?

Here is a link I found asking about body piercings and their permissibility. It says that women's ear piercings are permissible, but that any other piercings are not. It says:

"As to the piercing of the nose, it isn't allowed for both sexes because it is a type of deformation to Allah’s creation."

How is a tiny nose stud so much different than having both ears pierced if we're talking "deformation"? The only way I could see it being different is by considering that the ears are being covered by hijab. So if coverage is a factor, then the bellybutton should be no problem! No one ever sees that except the person and her husband! And it's no bigger or more deforming than having both ears pierced either!

Goes on to explain further about women's ear piercings and why they are considered permissible:

"The only exception some scholars and jurists have made in this context is the case of ear piercing specifically for females. This is so because of the specific need of women to wear jewelry."

Seriously?! I really don't see women as having a specific need to wear jewelry! In fact, that's a pretty ridiculous statement. We women might enjoy adorning ourselves more than men, but this is not a specific need. No one needs to wear jewelry. We could easily live without it.

I do not buy any of the reasons to say that ears are OK for women and all other piercings are forbidden. It's either they are forbidden, ears included, or they are allowed! If they are allowed, I could imagine some restrictions for important reasons like nipples since they can cause problems breastfeeding, the clitoris for the high risk of losing all sensitivity, major stretching of any piercing for the quite apparent and irrevesible deformity they cause, etc. I believe that we are not to deform our bodies or risk changing its function, but if an ear piercing is not deforming, then neither is the cartilage of the ear, the nose, the lip, the bellybutton, the eyebrow, etc.

Personally, I don't feel it's something forbidden so long as it's not going to be permanent and the risk is low. But I think it best not to have any at all to assure that you are staying far from ateration of God's creation, something that is clearly forbidden.

To finish, I should say that I have my ears pierced, but that they are my only remaining piercing. I had and eventually removed some ear cartilage piercings, navel (bellybutton) piercing, tongue piercing and lip piercing. And that none of them have left me feeling like I have altered my body... but I was very careful to care for them and keep the jewelry small.

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JaLpArI said...

Assalam sister....
JazakAllah khair for the post!
as far as i know anything that has not been told to be impermissible is permissible...
if Hizir S.A.W hasn't clearly stated anywhere that body piercings are impermissible, how can we make it so?

however, saying that body piercings are a way of deformation of God's creation and so shudn be done, wud be ok. but by the Hadith
`Eid and came with Bilal, his Companion, he ordered the women to pay Zakah, and some of them took their earrings off and threw it (donated it) to the Prophet. (Reported in Bukhari)
(from the link u gave), we get to know that 'piercing' wasnt disliked by Huzur S.A.W ... then how can nose piercing be bad??? wen ear piercing is not bad???

the Sheikh compares it with tattooing and branding... but, i think , it is prohibited more coz ghusl and vazu will never be complete with those things.. however, piercing brings no such harm.

we can say that it's not allowed for men, coz they are not allowed to 'copy' women in their dressing.. and there are hadees which say that 'beautification' is ok for women, and even 'ornamentation'. so maybe, not for men... but, ok for women. and if so... y only ears????
i have 4 and 3 piercings in my rt and lt ears resp.
and also a nosering..
and i really want to get my brows and lips pierced..
plz post anything else u cum to know!!!

cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

I think the piercing thing is more cultural...if piercing the ears is okay then why not other body parts? But in the Arab world we don't see a lot of piercings in other parts of the body because it's considered "weird" or "haram" even though no Islamic evidence is given against it. Probably because it is something that happens in the West a lot, a lot of Muslims think it is "wrong".

Candice said...

Jalpari, I've really been meaning to ask, after being on your blog and now... Who are/is Hizir and/or Huzur??

miseducation of the cushitic girl said...

Salaaam, I didn't know anything against women piercing their noses. But if you are researching something, and looking for an answer, you have to ask yourself: are you going to accept the answer? I personally try to stick to Hadith and Quran but also the learned scholars. I need to do more research on the nose piercing thing...thanks for bringing it to attention. But we also need to accept any valid Islamic ruling in the matter, however undesirable it is to us.
Barakallahu feeki

miseducation of the cushitic girl said...

the sister with all those piercings in ears and nose and now wants brows and lips, Subhannallah, don't you think that is distorting?

Candice said...

I respect hadith, but to a limited degree, I guess. I think there is error there. I do not believe it was preserved like the Qur'an was. Also, I think that the hadith are rulings, generally, more for Muhammad's time. What was meant to be preserved for all time was and is found in the Qur'an. When I look at rulings, I look at the part that is based on Qur'an, or which part they imagine the hadith was interpreting, and I see. From what I can tell, they would have prohibited all piercings if not for the hadith that says earrings are OK. Why they then decided to prohibit all except ears instead of allowing all piercings based on that hadith is beyond me.

Anyway, I personally think it's without taste to have gazillions of piercings, but I wouldn't go so far as to say God will think badly of that person, etc.

ameera said...

well i don't find anything against it because if ear piercings are aloud den how in the world are other piercings not aloud huh so its aloud or not aloud at all wich means that them who r wearing earrings r wearing something haram on the other hand the women did throw der piercings to mohummed(swt)for zaha so how is piercings prohibited so then piercings aint prohibited ?_?

Anonymous said...

Islamic rules on things are so retarded sometimes! We AREN'T allowed tattoos or other piercings as they alter th way Allah made us but we ARE allowed ear piercings for beautification and nose piercings if its commonplace in a countrys culture...surely ear piercings are altering th way Allah made us? And if beautification is th justification for allowing some piercings but not others, th fact tht everyone's idea of beauty is not th same should be considered, so like, one person may feel a tattoo or say, a bellybutton piercing is beautiful but Islam states its not as only ear piercings are allowed, nothing else. Women are also not allowed to pluck their eyebrows which is seen by almost every single female as a form of rules on everything are so backwards it makes it difficult to enjoy anything in life...even th rules on sexual relations with your own HUSBAND are so strict it makes it impossible to enjoy it!...

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