Friday, April 10, 2009

My little beauty, Nora

I wanted to introduce my little girl, Nora aka Noonie. She is my precious baby and the love of my life. She's 23 months old, so almost 2 now! Times goes by so fast!!! She still doesn't have all her teeth (her first tooth came in at 19 months), but she's a healthy thriving toddler, as you can see.

Nora is such a little lady. She loves to get a purse and my shoes and pretend to leave the apartment for her very important meetings. :)

Smiling as always. She's a huge joker, always trying to get a laugh out of us.

She looks so calm in this one... What I sweety, I wanna go wake her up only to give her a hugeungous kisseroo!! I go gaga for this child.

Note: This is my 100th post! Congrats to me, I think! Maybe I should be ashamed? Too many posts too fast! lol.

5 Comentários:

Bengali Muslimah said...

In the first picture, she look adorably sophisticated! hehe
she is super cute MashaAllah! =]
and that makes your 100th post even more special.

Cecilia said...

masha´allah! what a lovely little girl you have! so beautiful!

hadah said...

subhanallah, your daughter is such a cutie. cant stop admiring her.

Ahmed said...

please don't publish pictures of our real life.. me or nora :P

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

MashaAllah she's adorable. I'm sure she would have fun with my daughter who is 18mos.

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