Friday, April 10, 2009

My Jumah

This is a picture of the mosque we went to in St-Leonard Montreal. The "Centre Islamique Badr"

Me and my husband went to Montreal today since it was a day off for me at work, and the babysitter was open. After a nice bit of morning with my cutie Noonie (my daughter, real name Nora), I brought her to the babysitter in late morning and me and the husabnd went off to the city. We went to a mosque there for Jumah. It was much bigger and better set up than the one we have in our little town. That area of Montreal has a lot of Muslims, it seemed. There were many in stores around there and on the street. And the parking lot was FULL at the mosque. They had volunteers directing the traffic near the entrance and exit to make it go smoothly.

There were about 25 women and my husband said there were about 100 men. Women and men have different entrances and sections and cannot see each other at all in the mosque. What I found weird was that we were not at all behind the men, technically, since we were in a room on the other side of the mosque. So we were looking forward at a TV that showed the front of the men's section (the imam) but in reality, we were beside them. I think they had like an L-shaped section that went all the way behind us... Not 100% sure, but kids were the only ones to go through the door at the back of our section and I figured it was to have access to their dads. Most kids stayed in the women's section, especially little girls, which made me think it was probably not a play room.

I had a good experience there, really. I prayed with them. I didn't forget to make us close to one another and at first even had feet touching, but after going down the first time, I kind of forgot about doing it. I think most did, I could see a woman at one point in a semi-split trying to make sure her feet touched the other women's!

One thing that made me feel embarassed was that I accidentally moved my feet while in prostration and hit the woman's head who was behind me. All these women are so short around me and beside that woman but I think we were two of the taller ones so there was a tiny conflict once. I was careful afterwards... :S When I told my husband he said he did it to the person behind him too!

Anyway... How was your Jumah?

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Jamilah said...

My Jummah was packed...probably 400 men and 150 women... I could feel someones head on my feet too.

A lot of places were not build to be masjids so that is probably why you were sort of next to the men in a different room rather than behind them.

Sounded like a nice day for you :)

Candice said...

That's a lot of people! I don't know that this mosque would fit so many. Probably could, but not comfortably. I think you're right about it not being built as a masjid. It looks like a restaurant to me from the outside.

Jamilah said...

Yeah ours was build as a masjid and it was not comfortable at all... rather mushed! Yeah I was thinking that too... it looks like a restaurant!

Candice said...

I had the iphone GPS and we had turned on the opposite side of the street trying to find the mosque. We were practically on the dot and still didn't know where it was. We took another 10 minutes before we saw that it was the mosque!

Anisah said...

masha'allah... !! this is just wonderful Candice.. I never went to st leonard..but got invited a few times.. was jsut too far for me.
I did my Shahada in St Laurent...ICQ...and we go to the mosque in Brossard for the Eids.
Incha;allah next time I go we can meet up..
I'm so glad u had a nice experience too... My first one was horrible and the women were mean...
so to hear you had a good hamdullilah gives me hope !!

Candice said...

It was waaaaay too far for me too! I won't go back for that reason... That's practically all we did and I wound up with a headache lasting all evening and night from the car riding.

I did have a weird experience with some of the women. Some seemed to not want to be beside me. I was dressed fine (long loose pants with a long bum-covering shirt and hijab covering all hair and chest). Some girl got up from sitting beside me (on chairs at the back) when her friend left and sat in her chair. When the friend came back, she didn't sit on the chair, she sat on the ground beside her, right in front of a door! And when I went to the floor after a family with a grand-ma and baby came in and the person I ended up sitting beside moved herself and her kids away. I don't know what it was. I didn't salam them but they didn't salam me. Maybe because I didn't pray 2 rakahs upon entering. I didn't really know about that until afterwards.

Ahmed said...

Correction: What I said about men number was about 200-300 men
caause each line had at least 20 person and there was like 15 lines.
and yes even me touched the head of the person behind me with my feet twice :S, I think because there is no much space for people so they made the distance between lines shorter or something.

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