Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I received my Qur'an

I got my Qur'an from I didn't really start reading it yet though. It is the translation only, with no Arabic script, which I'm a bit disappointed about but I have an Arabic Qur'an and I have a translation that includes the Arabic script so I am covered still.

I want to read at least the introduction to get a feel for what kind of translation this might be (and soon, because I ordered a bunch of books from due to arrive Friday)... It is not stamped with approval from Al-Azhar or anything, which makes my husband not want me to read it. I do wonder what type of translation it is. It helps to know where the translator stands on things... like... If it's a Sufi translation, it will have a few differences than a Sunni, I'm sure. And I would not know it just by reading it. I don't mind it, but I want to read it all the while being "in the know".

Anyone know about's translators??
Other thing I wanted to add was the design of the Qur'an. It's plain, some sort of bright blue colour and written "The Holy Quran" and nothing much else. More appealing to a curious non-Muslim than would be something with calligraphy or a strange look like the zipper pocket one I have. It makes it seem like it has more possibility of being real because it looks more modern.

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Umm Omar said...

It doesn't have the name of the translator printed on the cover? The bright blue cover, white title, English only, simple look sounds like one I have. If it's the same, the translators are Ahmed Zidan and Dina Zidan and the translation is in modern English.I really love this translation because it is clear and as I said, written in modern English, and I (Sunni) have never noticed a problem with the translation itself.

Candice said...

I wrote the post at work and I didn't have it with me, but it's right here now and it's by Abdullah Yusuf Ali. I will make another post about it now.

Jamilah said...

Most of the time places like freequran will give English only translations because the Arabic part is considered sacred and they don't want it to be put or read in the wrong places... you know like some people like to read in the bathroom... stuff like that.

Yusuf Ali is ok... too much olde Englishe for me... I prefer Sahih International for Dawah Qurans.

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