Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I just saw the movie Twilight...

... and I surprisingly loved it! It really makes me want to read the books. I don't really read novels, I mostly read books about a certain subject, like Islam, psychology, philosophy... But I used to read novels pretty regularly and thinking of the movie in book form made me remember how great novels can be. So much better than movies, always. I wish I had easy access to English books. I can read (speak, write, whatever) fluently in French, that's not the problem... I just don't find it as good as English and that's my personal taste. I dislike proper French. I love proper English. It's so much more varied in style. French is too structured and snobby to me. I love structure, but I want to be able to decide how much is just right.

Back to the movie, who saw it? It was seriously interesting, this love story between human and vampire... I could feel how much he wanted her, even if it was to eat her. That sentence seriously sounds nuts. How did this person think up this weird love story? It totally works anyway.

The beginning of the movie was boring and just bad though. The acting was weird (the girl especially kind of over-playing the "unsure" or "uncomfortable" feeling with her eyes and breathing), and the lighting and style, which fits the rest of the movie, did not fit this part. The sort of bluish pastiness all round. It could not have been done in any other style or it would not fit the movie, but it was still weird for me.

Then it picked up as the love story really got more serious, and the action started as well. I was left feeling really good, but *obviously* there's a sequel coming! I kinda hate these unfinished endings, but I could see it coming considering this is the first book of the series put into film. And because of where the story was by the time we were nearing the end of a regular movie time-wise. I really felt that it was a book though with the way the story kinda flipped around quickly. That's what makes me want to read the book so much.

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Umm Omar said...

Haven't seen it,but I do keep hearing about it. Yes, books are ALWAYS better than the films.

Amber said...

I saw the movie, and I enjoyed it. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed it so much, it almost made me forget how much I loathed the book, and I almost went out to buy the second book to read.

While I agree that the books are (almost) always better than the movie, this is one exemption. I know they were written for teens, and younger teens at that, but I found them badly written, and the quasi-abusive relationship between the two main I just didn't love it, and I stopped after the first one.

But, of course, everyone's milage will vary.

Amber said...

Forgot to say, do you want the first book? I still have it, and if you want I can mail it to you. You can email me at if you like.

Cecilia said...

the movie is great but the books! wow is the only word that comes to mind really! they are soooo amazing! I love them!

Anisah said...

I bought the first book for my daughter for Christmas, then I got hooked on it. Someone gave me the next 3 books. They are definitely worth reading!

I did like the movie. Of course it's not as good as picturing the characters in the book, but I thought it was good. Can't wait for the 2nd movie to come out.


Candice said...

Awesome, I will definitely read it! Amber will "hook me up" :D So happy!

saeeda said...

hiya, salaam

ACE blog. =)

i saw the movie...and read every book. xD

the movie was ok. i dont feel it brought out the essence of the book though. they sped through the story. when you read you will see.

also... the actors they got ... a few of them disappointed me.

anyhow, awesome stuff. deffo not your typical love story. =]

ma salaam

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