Thursday, April 2, 2009


I got a haircut today! Yesterday, I was pretty decided, but then again, I always am. And I never actually get the haircut. So this morning, I took the scissors and chopped off my ponytail,to make sure I would actually call and make the appointment, and make the arrangements to get my daughter taken care of for that hour or so.

And so after work, I went to get my haircut! It's really short and cute. Longer than what most would consider a pixie cut though.

Anyway, my husband doesn't know yet, and he loves long hair. Wonder what he'll think. hah...

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Solace In Islam said...

Let us know what his thoughts were on your new hairstyle

cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

I just got a hair cut too :P I love how haircuts feel so refreshing.

Candice said...

Haircut update: I think he finds it "OK" and no more. Lol. I love it though at least, and he is used to it and not mad anymore. So weird to have someone mad at me for cutting something that is mine.

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