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I wanted to put my opinion in on the two terms. People use both of these pretty freely, sometimes even interchangingly, but they are obviously not the same thing. I think both can be used for a person who has become Muslim though.

A revert to Islam is a person returning to Islam. If the person has converted out of Islam and then back in, he/she is a revert, 100% (they are re-converting!). But most people calling themselves reverts have never been known as Muslim, but consider themselves as returning to their natural state, which is Islam. Since they consider that they were born Muslim, revert is the right term for them.

A convert to a religion is someone going from one religion to another different religion. I think that the term can be correctly used for someone who was a certain religion and then became Muslim. They did convert afterall! And even though it's a belief in Islam that we are all born Muslim by nature, if the person using the term does not consider this natural state a religion, and just considers it a state of being, the term convert is right for them!

So to summarize: It depends on the person's perception of things! Both terms are equally fine to me! People using both terms have good reason to. :)

Other comment I have:

The term revert really gives off the feeling that the many people using this term believe that Islam is the truth and part of all of us. At least once you understand that the people calling themselves reverts are not people who left Islam for another religion and came back to it later. The term convert makes it seem like someone simply twitched religions. It makes it seem more like a group they want to belong to at the moment.

For me: Which term do I feel would be right?

I am actively trying to get back to my natural state of being. Trying to find the line between what is culture, upbringing (etc... all influence) and what is the truth of life. It's in this way that I consider myself already "Muslim". I wrote a post on that quite some time ago... I feel like I am and have been trying to get back to this original state of submission to God. This is without the Qur'an or the Hadith or the scholars or anything else than my mind. This is why I don't consider myself Muslim publicly or openly or anything like that.

If I were to take my shahada and start following the Message of the Qur'an, would I be a revert or a convert? Seeing as I would have been making efforts to return to this original state for some time, why would saying my shahada make me a revert when really, I had been reverting for months or years? Maybe when I get to this point, I will feel that my "reversion" had been a long process ending with the acceptance of the Qur'an as the word of God. I can't know because I don't feel that way right now. I feel now, looking at this possible future that the point in time would make me a convert to Islam. I wouldn't want to erase my life before the shahada as having been less right, less OK in my life.

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hadah said...

hi Candice, so i m just curious, please dont be offended. you are a Muslim, right?

Umm Omar said...

I hear these two terms used interchangeably. I don't think it's a big deal, which term you decide to use. Both will give the message that this person accepted Islam as an adult, later in life and was not raised in the religion. I guess if you want to be politically correct, you'd say, "revert."

khany said...

peace Candice,

you are already muslim with a small 'm' :)
actively and sincerely striving to seek and to submit to god's will.

god willing, your striving will lead you to become a Muslim.

Candice said...

Hadah: As I wrote, I don't consider myself Muslim, no. I think Khany understood well what I mean.

Aalya said...

I like the term Revert because it gives me the feeling of 'coming back' to the original state that Man was created as - to Worship God only! But in main stream language people are not really going to understand 'revert' unless they have gone through the same thing. So I use 'convert' when in those situations and 'revert' with other reverts (lol)

I can see your points for both words, great discussion!

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