Friday, March 13, 2009

Youtube "Vlogging" and other randomness

(My youtube channel page. That's my daughter and sorry for blotting out my username, I just don't want it *that* public even though I wouldn't mind for any of the regular readers of my blog to see it)

Does anyone have a vlog? I keep thinking of starting one. Or I did when I had more to say on this blog. I figured I'd deal with the same ideas as on this written blog, but expanding on them orally (and visually with my regular old face).

I actually would love to learn more about how to edit videos and all that stuff, but man am I lazy. When I am done working, cooking, taking care of my daughter and cleaning up, I just wanna sit and do nothing too consuming. I'd love to learn more about photography and editing with photoshop too. I'd love to exercise more regularly... I used to be really in shape before... I don't look much different now in my shape when I'm wearing regular clothes, but I feel the difference. Things have changed and I really feel the need to find something to do just for myself, but there are so many things I want to do with so little time, and so little energy as well. I am DRAINED right now. It's like 9:30pm! And I was having trouble keeping my eyes open like 3 or 4 hours ago too. I don't think the exercise option is the best one for me right now. I need something slightly lower energy. My high-energy baby is all I need currently. She is just a lot to handle just by the way she is... She is going to be one special lady when she grows up. (in a totally good way! :D)

Back to the vlogging topic. I would love to have links to people's vlogs. Or if you don't have one, but you follow some, let me know who like. I follow a few people, but I have some favourites I will mention and link to here.

There's thevintagegoth. I would have to say she's the one who I follow most, probably because she is such a prolific vlogger! She has a couple "series" on her vlog. She has videos on niqab styles which are kind of interesting. She has a series called "History Forgets" that are not related to Islam, but that are interesting. Just like short essays with video background or addition on a person or event in history. And she has a bunch of more random videos about her life, her thoughts about things, Islam, etc. She is a new Muslimah from between 6mo and 1yr, I believe, and she is trying to wear niqab full-time. Her videos are sometimes with hijab and sometimes niqab.

There's Aya12790. She is just such a nice, sweet person. She's just likable. Her blog is about Islam, mostly. She brings in some parts of her life.

There's KimDonesia. She is pretty well-known and likable. I like her goal of just showing that Muslims are normal and lead normal lives and are just like anyone else! She's a quirky Australian teenager out to make people know Muslims are people like anyone else!

Two others I want to mention are Baba Ali from UmmahFilms and MMrLucky. Baba Ali puts a funny spin on all sorts of Muslim issues and MMrLucky also talks about all sorts of Islamic issues, just wanting everyone to be educated and inspired to be better Muslims.

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khany said...


if you truly wish to protect your privacy you should also blot out the video title. otherwise your vlog appears as the first hit on youtube search.


Candice said...

Thanks for the tip. I thought about it, but I don't mind if a regular blog reader searches and finds my youtube page. And I figured they'd be the only ones even want to click on the photo to see it large enough to read the titles and who would actually feel any desire to see the two videos I put up of my daughter.
I just didn't want to "invite" people to my page since there's not much there that I feel would be of interest.

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