Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Being better update

So... I have been making efforts to be better... The major one was my anger, as I mentionned last week. I think I have been doing a decent job. At least the important part is that I am making a lot of efforts. And it is encouraging my husband to make efforts on his side. So it works... Me making efforts to be better has benefitted him as well as me! I feel good about that.

I will continue this way. I may start praying again... I remember things going better in the home when I was. I think my husband responds well to this, and I do too.

3 Comentários:

Solace In Islam said...

I think you'd be amazed at the changes making salaah can bring into one's life. Go for it!

Aalya said...

Glad to hear you are working on things! I can totally agree that anger is a very powerful thing and most of the time it is not a good thing!
Prayer is also powerful and always a good thing!

Glad to see you blogging! Keep it up :)

Candice said...

Thanks for your comments.
Aalya, yep, I'm back to blogging. But man must it be boring for the readers! I will try to write something interesting soon.

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