Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Ange at Hegab Rehab made a post about simple weddings. I wanted to put in my idea of what I want for my wedding someday, just for fun.

Yes, I am married, but we just spent a week going back and forth in Cairo (embassy, ministry, embassy, bla bla bla) doing things I didn't even understand. This started a week after I met my husband in real life (7 months after we'd started chatting online). And one day after all that, we went to sign papers and utter some words in Arabic with a friend of his and some random guy my husband's mom works with. I honestly did not know these were the papers that made us legally married!! I was very shy, having just met him, and I didn't fully express my opinions yet, and didn't ask every question. Anyway, that was that, we were married, I found out. lol. Not what I expected!

I knew we were legally married right after it happened, but it was a slow process to actually considering him my husband and then actually calling him my husband. That took about a year. So anyway, I never had that special day every person wishes to have. Even someone who decides to elope and goes to town hall in jeans had a more special day than I did. I was in jeans, but I didn't decide to elope. lol.

So here is my ideal wedding day.

Setting: At my parent's house, in their backyard. It's a good size and my mom keeps a very pretty garden. It's a quiet neighbourhood, the grass is so green and the flowers of all colours.

Guests: Close friends (less than 10) and family (parents, brother, aunts, uncles, cousins).

How it would work: Simple ceremony where we declare our relationship and marriage publically with cute words said. I'd come in first when everyone is seated to a pretty song (probably instrumental) and he'd come in after. I'd want to encorporate some people maybe with them reading something or carrying the ring. Maybe walking us in. It would be a day event with food being really simple and people instructed not to gift too outrageously. I don't want a huge banquet reception thing at all... Just a fun day with lots of simple food.

The dress:

Something modest and not just white. I love this one. I wish I could see it with her standing up though.

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malekat_el7oriya said...

wow! great day seems amazing. And I looooove that dress!

struggling said...

i met my husband online too....:P we got married in Canada though and it was a little strange for me at first too, guess I wasn;t planning on getting married at 19. Your ideal wedding sounds very nice!!

Anonymous said...

You got tricked into getting married?

Sarah said...

I can't believe that happened to you! It does seem very cheeky of him.

I guess you could still have your special day by doing a recommitment ceremony or something at some point.

Your ideal day sounds cool. Quite similar to what I had.

Candice said...

I wouldn't call it tricking... I'm sure he thought I was way more in the know than I actually was. But for sure he didn't ask me "Are you sure you wanna do this?" lol

Asiya Abdullah said...

Aww Candice, that sounds like a beautiful ceremony! I pray that you get that inshaa Allaah. That was kind of like how my wedding was, but it was in the masjid, after salatul asr. I invited family and close friends, but ohter people who happened to be there praying shared in the joy as well. I didn't mind them being there though, it was heart-warming to hear complete stangers expressing congratulations and making du'aa for our marriage to be blessed. We did have a walimah about 5 weeks later where I wore a cream colored wedding dress with gold embroidery on the bosom part

Candice said...

That sounds like a great wedding, Asiya.

cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

that dress is amazing!

i definitely think the simpler the wedding the better. i still can't get used to how elaborate weddings here in cairo can be, esp. among the rich...over 2000 guests, spread over a few days, dress covered in diamonds...it's crazy! and usually the bride and groom end up having a horrible time...

your wedding sounds idyllic :)

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