Friday, February 13, 2009

Vote for your choice on what I should do :)

I will follow my feelings and others' advice and take a 1 week "Islam break". It may be longer if I really don't feel ready to continue learning and thinking about it intensively, but for this week at least, I will resist the urge to read too many things online and even think about my own positions on Islamic issues.
And I've decided to try to just lightly distract myself with something this weekend. Something just fun and spontaneous. Here are my choices. Please submit your vote in the form of a comment!

- get a discreet piercing (for example an ear piercing)
- get a dramatic haircut and/or dye job
- paying myself a relaxing hour-long massage (if I can find an hour for myself this weekend)
- buying myself an article of clothing online

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Asiya Abdullah said...

Why can't you do all four?!? They all seem pretty doable to me...believe me, if I had the time, I'd definitely do them all! Besides, from reading your blog you seem like you're going through so much right now, I'm sure you could probably use ALL 4 things.

Sister, choosing a path in life is never always an easy thing to do. It can be frightening, confusing, a whole bunch of emotions all at once that can make a person feel quite overwhelmed. I agree with all the sisters when they advised you to take things slowly. But one thing you must try to maintain is your connection with your Creator. Whatever way you use to connect with Him, don't let that go. We all go through rough patches in life, but as long as we keep our hearts open to Him, He'll keep guiding us and eventually get us out of the hard times. I'm praying for you and your family. :)

Candice said...

Hehe, thanks. I won't do all four though... I'll try to limit myself! But I may do 2 of them.:p

Sarah said...

Yeah, do more than one of them. I'd say the massage offers both instant gratification and limited possibility of regret, so you can't go wrong with that. Let us know how your weekend goes!

Aalya said...

Personally I would go for the hair cut/colour and massage!

For sure take time...but like above poster said 'don't lose your connection to God' ... all those feelings can be overwhelming... take time and see how you feel :) Have a good weekend!

Cecilia said...

I think the massage

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