Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Things that bug me in Arabic, as an early learner

I am trying to learn Arabic lately. It's slow because there's my husband trying to teach me and we've just had about 3 discussions about it, and I'm going on a website during my break at work which gives me a couple words each day and shows me a small gramatical thing... But anyway, I was thinking about how hard it is... And here are things that are especially hard for me right now, or that just bug me:

- how difficult it can be to make something plural! There are like what, 16 forms of plural?! I am not even thinking of learning those right now. I will just learn words one by one as I go along.

- the letter ain. I don't like to pronounce it because it's not a pretty sound at all! And I have trouble pronouncing it in over half the situations it occurs in so it's really not consistent.

- I can't roll my r's. And Arabic sounds weird and is difficult to pronounce with just the English R. And the French R, which to me is closer to the rolling one than the English one, is a letter on its own (ghain)!

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Jamilah said...

That happens to me too... ein is a killer. Just keep it up and go slow... oh and Egyptian Arabic is sometimes different than regular Arabic... they say jeem with a g sound and not a j sound and roll their r's a lot more :)

Candice said...

For some words like gameela ;), it sounds more natural with a G, but others like najm are better with a J for me. I am learning some from the Internet with the regular J sound and some from my husband with the G sound. :p And even then, my husband is half and half with me. Sometimes he will pronounce more properly and sometimes he will pronounce more Egyptian, depending on what he is showing me. Like pronouncing "th" sounds. For me it's more useful so I can have a better idea of how to spell it instead of thinking it's all zain.
I didn't realize they rolled their R's more!

Jamilah said...

It always makes me laugh when someone calls me Gameela...or says Goomah for Jummah...but its more than I know, so they are better than I!

أم ترافيس said...

LOL I laugh sometimes too when my husband is helping with my homework and he says "goomla" instead of "jumla" for the word sentence. HAHA.

I can pronounce ain now humdullah, after about a year ;) So keep trying.

Here are some sights in shaa Allah:


Sarah said...

I have trouble with 'ayn as well. It's the only letter I really can't pronounce.

In class we are not learning the rules for the plurals. I think the patterns start to become apparent as you learn more words anyway. And most dictionaries probably give the plurals.

The good news is that adjectives, pronouns etc just take the feminine singular form for all irregular plurals... at least this is what I've understood!

Candice said...

Hm yeah... I can't wait until I'm that "advanced" that I recognize the patterns well enough to just imagine what the plural could be for any given word. It will take time!!

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

What is the website you are using to learn vocabulary? I was looking for a quick way to keep up with some arabic every day. Shukran!

Candice said...

This site has lots of words. It's not a very professional looking one, but it has its uses!

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