Monday, February 16, 2009

Teeth and expenses in general

I have to get some wisdom teeth taken out tomorrow. I have the afternoon off for that but I really wonder how well I will be able to do my job on Wednesday after getting 2-3 wisdom teeth extracted. And I might get a piercing right before for fun. Just to add to the pain and expense.

I think the price of it all is stressing me out the most though because I work so hard trying to save some money and I hate when I just see my savings account go down.

When I came back to Canada from Egypt pregnant, I obviously was not able to work and so I stayed with my parents, and sponsoring my husband to come here, I was not allowed to receive anything from the government so I depended totally on my parents. They were really great and provided me with all I needed.
When my husband got his permanent resident visa, I got us an apartment, but our daughter was only 4 months old when I got the apartment and 6 months old when he got there and I didn't have a job still. Wasn't ready to start working full time that early either. And my husband wasn't able to find a job so with all that, I had to continue depending on my parents. I started working in March 2008 when my daughter was 10 months old and started paying my parents back and I finally finished giving them back the full amount before 2009 started :D

But it seems the money is always coming back out like it will again for these teeth!!! And it did for my car last month... And the painting and bit of decorating for the appartment... Expenses never stop!

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Anonymous said...

Insha'Allah Allah will provide for all your needs...As for the wisdom can work but you will be swollen and in pain....TRUST ME!!!!! I had mine out in college and I looked like a chipmunk for days!!!!!

Asiya said...


"As for the wisdom can work but you will be swollen and in pain....TRUST ME!!!!! I had mine out in college and I looked like a chipmunk for days!!!!!"

You took the words right out of my mouth! I had all four removed at one time (ouuuuuuuuuuch!), but I did stay off work for a few days...I did not want to go around with my chipmunk face so I waited till the swelling went down a lil' bit!

My life my story said...

I know I have that problem too! very irritating

Anisah said...

Salam alaykom!! hi..I happened along your blog..I'm a Qubecoise too :P :)
I live enar Montreal. Al hamdullilah.
you know.. you should get a job ina hospital...good insurance for teeth ! but I guess it's too late. Good luck with that..sounds like it's gonna hurt !!
Fi amenallah

Candice said...

I work talking on the phone a lot so this will really suck. Not looking forward to it!

Anisah said...

oh better get some major pain killers girl !!
btw. my email is

Aalya said...

Hope your dental appointment goes well...Ive had mine out too and have to agree you will have some pain and it will be there no way you can take 1-2 days off... hope you feel better quickly!

Anisah said...


so..are you still alive?

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