Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Received my niqab pieces

On February 6th (at night), I ordered 2 niqab pieces from Al-Mujalbaba and they arrived yesterday, the 17th. Only 6 or 7 business days for First Class Mail - International, which is pretty good, I find. I have not ordered online often, but the times I did were for cloth diapers about 2 years ago before my daughter was born and they took an average of 3 weeks (15 business days) and were all sort of light packages like the niqabs.

They are just a piece of georgette folded in 2 with an elastic sewn on to hold it on the face. It was too loose for me so I tied a knot in it. I wore it around my apartment, trying different styles with the scarf I had at that moment. It breathes well. I mean, for having something over your mouth and nose, it's pretty tolerable. I was in ideal conditions though and it must be pretty hard to breathe with in hot, humid summers. My husband tried it in the house too but he found it very hard to breathe in. He's not very pro-niqab anyway so he made no efforts or excuses about it like I know he would for things he believes in.

I might post a niqab photo tomorrow or something if I get around to it. I have one burgondy and one grey niqab so it can make different looks depending on which scarves I pair it with, but without being too flashy. My scarves are not ideal for niqab though. I was having fun trying it yesterday with a burgondy scarf I have and it looked pretty good, but the scarf was not covering enough. I like scarves that carry the bosom area WELL and this one kinda stopped mid-bosom. The type of scarf that is just big enough to make a decent hijab style but with the niqab, I tie it different and it uses a bit more material so it's too short and just too narrow! I may have to try it with a larger pashmina style burgondy one I have, but this one was cute cause it had some light gold details.

To explain why I even have niqabs, being non-Muslim and being a person who, even Muslim, would not wear it here in Canada (I probably have mentionned this in another entry)? Well, I actually got it because I was considering starting a vlog on youtube. And I just don't especially want my identity shown, seeing how some people react to anything related to Islam. It's either non-Muslims hating on you or Muslims hating on you for not agreeing with their interpretation of the topic in question or for having music in the video, or for wearing make-up, for showing your wrists, just anything! I want to be protected. If I even start one.

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Jamilah said...

If you want one that breathes better get one that has a cotton or linen lining on the face part.

So your husband is not pro niqab? Have you ever asked him why? Does he have any particular reason?

Anonymous said...

ASA Candice,
I am wondering what made you purchase the niqab as an early revert...(did you revert yet) I have been Muslim now for 3 years and just started wearing hijab. I am not trying to be smart or mean, I just love hearing what "ah ha" moment gives someone peace and clarity....

Candice said...

Jamilah: He's not against niqab, he just wouldn't want me to wear it and doesn't believe it's necessary. He respects the choice of women who want to wear it, though.
Malek: I have not reverted/converted. I actually bought the niqabs because I am considering starting a vlog on youtube and it's really just for extra protection because of how people react to Islam-related topics.
As for hijab, I would hope to wear it with time if I converted. I don't know exactly when that would be, but I might very well get one of those "ah ha" moments you mentionned.

Jamilah said...

Why wouldn't he want you to wear it? Does he want other men to see your beauty? not trying to sound like a snot, but It always irks me when men say that its not necessary... its not about them, its about Allah.

Candice said...

I really don't think he gives thought to the Islamic dress code or what women wear in general. He doesn't involve himself in that stuff much except if I was going out with what he considered not enough. Like if I was out in a tank top (happened last year when I went to my parents with a tank and a shirt and got hot playing basketball in the yard and took off the shirt). And he always made sure I wasn't going to swim in a place where there are men when I told him I was going to swim somewhere.
He's not at a point where he wants to be the only one to see my face. And it would be too restrictive for me as well. I feel it would just remove my whole self to wear it full time (like in the same situations one would wear hijab) and I'd only wear it when I felt that covering my face would be necessary for maintaining my modesty. It is not the case here in Canada, I feel. He seems to feel the same. But as I said, he doesn't really think about these woman issues. He only knows he'd like me to wear hijab and that's pretty much it.

Candice said...

And he just told me about it not being necessary that he finds no place in the Qur'an to Sunnah deem it obligatory like khimar is. So it's his position, like mine, that it is not obligatory in Islam to wear niqab.

Jamilah said...

There is a book called 4 essays on the obligation of veiling... by 4 of the top scholars of our time. Try to get your hands on that and see what you think then. There are actually plenty of things in Quran and Sunnah about it, you just need to know where. :)

I'm sorry if I'm being a pest about this.

Jamilah said...

Give this a read as well... great article

singamaraja said...

Assalamu'alaikum Wr,Wb

Singamaraja reading your blogs

Lazeena Umm Yusuf said...

I've ordered niqaabs from them before and I'm not a fan of georgette niqaabs. I noticed when I stood i front of the mirror and breathed in it you could see the moisture on the niqaab! It was weird haha. I got this niiiiice niqaab from that I haven't been able to part with for 2 years. They have some newer ones but I dont know if it's the same material.

I'm trying to think why I never came here before..?!!? You always comment on my page but maybe I for some reason associated your name with a blog that I was already reading, but now that I'm here I never came before! I'll be back soon though =)

Candice said...

Thanks for visiting, Singamaraja. And Lazeena, glad to see you on my blog! :D I think the benefit of the georgette ones is that they come in many colours. It seems difficult to find other colours than black (and sometimes navy or beige) in cotton material.

Anisah said...

hi Again..
Ya I just wanna say.I love near Candice and wearing a niqaab in this place would mean a lot of trouble..
but I remember being in Morocco..and I would have loved to wear.. ppl there ( men AND women) see this white convert...and just stare like to depends on the attention and what kind ur getting. Islam is supposed to be easy and natural...
as a convert..its really hard to figure out what is natural... it take a lot of experimenting and getting used to.
When I converted..I wore for about 6 mths and them took it off.I was not ready and not wearing it for right reasons ( myself and God)
When I went to Morocco to get married..I knew I would b away for a month.. away and free from other's judgements. Al hamdullilah.. I have not taken it off since..( well except at home lol)
anyway..that is a really nice niqaab ... very pretty.

May I ask.. what is stopping you from converting?

Candice said...

When I think of being in Egypt, I never imagine myself without hijab. And I actually imagine wearing niqab out if I go out alone. For the same reason as you in Morocco: being really white, they know I'm not Egyptian and they always tried to approach me.
Anisah, was it niqab that you wore (and now wear), or hijab?
About what is stopping me from converting... I guess I'm still not convinced of the pure truth of it all... I need to read the Qur'an, I know it, and I just never find the time. So I educate myself about other topics, but I think the Qur'an is what can tell me whether or not it is truth. I will make time for it today... Yeah, I will.

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