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Rashad Khalifa and Code 19

Rashad Khalifa, who "discovered" Code 19, and is considered a

messenger by many of the code's followers.

While I was in Egypt over 2 years ago, I started learning more about Islam. Not only, or even mostly from Egyptians, but online on various websites. Sunni, Shiia, and "other", like (movement started by Rashad Khalifa). I thought there were a lot of interesting things there and it made me more interested in Islam. I'm not easy to convince though; I feel the need to *really know* what is going on before I can call myself convinced. Or in this case, call myself Muslim. And as I learned more about their beliefs, I realized how fake some of it was. First time I read about the mathematical code 19, I was pretty impressed. It didn't make me convert with its unimaginable perfection, obviously, but I thought it was interesting and as I said, impressive.

As I learned more about it, I found out how fake this "mathematical miracle" was. They were able to find MANY instances that got the number 19, but a lot of them get far-fetched, and there is no real method. An example is salat, which they believe was preserved by this code. The units of prayer are 2-4-4-3-4. The number 24434 is divisable by 19 (19 x 1286). And if you add 2, 4, 4, 3, 4, it =17. And if you add the digits 1, 2, 8, 6, it = 17 too. The believers of Code 19 seem to put more importance on the code than anything else in the Qur'an, and they even think of Rashad Khalifa, the one who discovered "the code", a messenger!!!
Oh, and they believe two ayas of the Qur'an were added in (because it doesn't fit in with their code) so they are even deleting part of the Qur'an!

They are part of the Qur'an Alone people who do not follow the Hadiths, believing that there is a lot of corruption. And they believe that the Qur'an, being complete, does not need addition of Muhammad's hadith. I don't really want to comment (or have people comment) on that part of their beliefs right now, though (if we can all control ourselves).

Goal of the post: Rashad Khalifa a messenger?! Heck no! And Code 19, they are just fooling themselves!
Link to their articles about this "mathematical miracle" -

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My life my story said...

you have been taged! for what? look at my blog!

Sarah said...

I've come across the number 19 thing but not really looked at it in much detail. It intrigued me a bit but I think it probably wouldn't stand up to a rigorous statistical analysis. I'm not sure what kind of message it could be said to convey either, it seems a bit abstract.

Stacy K. said...

I was almost convinced by these guys a few years ago too. They do have some useful articles on their website, but I would say that they are a bit deluded.

Candice said...

Exactly how I feel, Stacy! I still like some of the articles they have, and the way they see things. I am just careful about avoiding all the Code 19 stuff. Because I will admit that not *everything* is Code 19 on their site. They do focus on other things and when they do, they are quite decent.

Ossie said...

Read how he (Rashad Khalifa) contradicted himself twice:

Fx100 said...

If you want to know how Khalifa is wrong when evaluated by Quran-the Furkan, then kindly visit

If you want to know how Khalifa is wrong when evaluated by history then kindly visit:

If you want to know how he is mathematically wrong just go through the following calculations which he invented with an intention to portrait himself as a messenger:

A) For the verse number 5:19 Khalifa add the gematrical values of Rashad=505, Khalifa=725, Surah number-5, verse number-19, therefore the total value is 1254, which is divisible by 19 i.e {19*66} and this calculation is shown by Khalifa to prove that he is the messenger of Allah dealt in this verse. The same way he tried to misinterpret all the other verses listed below! Muchmore of the similar type of calculations are not listed here inorder to save the readers time!

B) For the verse number 3:81 he wants to add the gematrical values of Rashad=505, Khalifa=725, plus only the verse number [but not the Surah number] to derive the total value of 1311, which is divisible by 19 i.e {19*69}.

C) For the verse number 28:44 he has added the gematrical values of Rashad=505, Khalifa=725, plus only the verse number [but not the Surah number] to derive the total value of 123044?! But how come 505+725+44=123044?! i.e. you need to add 505+725=1230 and just put the verse number-44 aside the value of 1230 therefore you can derive the value123044 which is now divisible by 19 i.e {19*6476}!

D) For the verse number 17:93 he has added the gematrical values of Rashad=505, Khalifa=725 in a different way i.e. putting the values aside 505725, and added only the verse number-93 [but not the Surah number here] to derive a total of 505725+93=505818, which is now divisible by 19 i.e. {19*26622}!

E) For the verse number 13:38 he place the gematrical values of
Rashad=505, Khalifa=725 aside, additionally Surah number, particular verse number-38 and the verse number of the previous verse-37 all to be placed aside as shown here: 505725133738, as it is divisible by nineteen i.e. {19*26617112302}!

F) For the verse number 9:33 he put the gematrical values of
Rashad=505, Khalifa=725 aside, additionally he insist to place the Surah number and the verse number aside i.e. 505725933, moreover he insist to place aside the values of verse 6:19 with the above value as 505725933619 in-order for it to be multiplied by nineteen i.e. {19*26617154401}!

G) For the verse number 36:3 he add the gematrical values of
Rashad=505, Khalifa=725, plus Surah and verse number together to get the value of 1269 [i.e. 505+725+36+3] but as it is not divisible by nineteen he further insist to add the gematrical value of the phrase used in verse 36:3, which is 612! Therefore he gets a final value of 1269+612=1881, so that now it is very well adjusted to be divided by number nineteen i.e. {19*99}!

H) For the verse number 44:13 he advice to ignore the gematrical values of Rashad=505, Khalifa=725, as it is not going to help in deriving a value that is divisible by nineteen so that he insist to add only the Surah and verse number to derive the total of 44+13=57, which is divisible by nineteen i.e. 19*3!

I) For the verse number 72:27 he advice to add-up the gematrical values of Rashad=505, Khalifa=725, plus Surah number-72 but not the specific verse {verse-27} that he wants to point-out as a proof of his messengership because it can’t derive a total that is divisible by nineteen! Instead he wants to add-up the ‘number value’ of the next verse i.e. verse-28. Therefore 505+725+72+28=1330, this is now divisible by number nineteen i.e. 19*70!

No doubt that millions of people can prove themselves as true messengers based on the Criteria listed above!

Unknown said...

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