Thursday, February 5, 2009

Qur'an Explorer

I am enjoying this website a lot lately. I'm practicing reading Qur'an and then hearing it, and repeating it, and hearing it again. And it has the English translation on the other side (which I mute in volume since I can read it myself).

Who uses this? Which recitor do you listen to?
Here is the link.

4 Comentários:

khany said...

besides quranexplorer i also like Tanzil (i specially like the feature that allows you to search by arabic root)

Candice said...

Thanks, I favourited it!

khany said...

you may also like the online qur'an project. it allows you compare many translations side by side. i especially like ali unal's english translation.

Candice said...

I will keep that in my favourites. There are *many* translations on there!! I go here for my translations. It has 3 written one after the other:

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