Monday, February 16, 2009

Not tagged, but I feel like it: Favourites.

Favorite color: Dark pink
Favorite perfume: I don't wear perfume
Favorite PJ style: jogging pants and a thin cotton t-shirt
Favorite clothes brand in general: None.
Favorite person(s) in the entire world: My daughter and my Mom
Favorite country: CANADA
Favorite car: Not really into cars.
Favorite sport: Basketball to play, tennis and hockey to watch.
Favorite sport player/fighter: André Agassi (tennis)
Favorite spot in Canada: Montreal (haven't travelled around much though!)
Favorite animal: Dogs
Favorite movie: Aladdin, Une ligue en Jupons (translation of A League of their Own), Batman: The Dark Knight.
Favorite singer: Hawksley Workman, Feist, John Mayer
Favorite day in the week: Saturday
Favorite time of the day: morning
Favorite holiday season: *THE* Holiday season? (Christmastime)
Favorite number: Don't really care.
Favorite food: Poutine.
Favorite chocolate: Dark.
Favorite cartoon: The Simpsons
Favorite blogger: I refuse to choose!
Favorite Flavor Ice Cream: chocolate.
Mobile Brand: Nokia
Favorite name (girl): Nora (my daughter's name). Lana, if I have to choose one I haven't used.
Favorite name (boy): Theodore
Favorite hobby: reading and walking
Favorite room in my house: Living room
Favorite Fruit: strawberry
Favourite flower: I might have to go with lilies because of being Quebeccer.
Favourite Ayah from the Qu'ran: I will have to go with, "bismillah ir-rahman ir-rahim". Counts, right?

So even though no one asked, you now know a bit more about me.

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Cecilia said...

I love aladdin too!

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