Thursday, February 19, 2009

My husband and niqab

There's not much to say about my husband's thoughts on niqab. I wrote a couple brief comments about it in the niqab post from the other day, though. But I thought it was funny what he admitted to me this morning. He said maybe the reason he doesn't have the most positive feelings towards niqab (again, must clarify that he has nothing against it either) is because he had an experience as a kid where either a kid he knew or a kid he saw got scared of a woman in niqab. No one in his family wore niqab, they all wore hijab so he wasn't exposed to any, so I guess it has stayed in his mind that they are "scary". Recently though, one of his aunts has started wearing niqab (he didn't recognize her last time he saw her at a family event) and just very recently (past month or so) his cousin started wearing it.

Anyway, poor kid who got scared. It's really not the most inviting look though, if I may be so honest. I guess that's a bit the point... to take out everything that might be beautiful from public view. And a consequence of that is that it takes away a lot of what makes us look human. I think wearing some colour or embroidery or friendly accessories (a purse, bracelet, etc.) helps that human factor A LOT.

O000h, a purse with a bunch of dangley thingies like the Japanese always love all over their bags and phones and purses and all that! They are so cute! ^_^

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Jamilah said...

Well its interesting to know his fear has nothing to do with religion... and I don't feel scary at all.. again, its not about what others think of you its about pleasing Allah.

Adventurous Ammena said...

u thinking of wearing niqab? I have a friend in Vancouver who wears non black niqabs when she wears it.. she says it actually works better for dawah and people feel more comfortable with her pinks, creams & blues than the blacks :D

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