Friday, February 6, 2009

I have lost my voice!

I can't talk, although you wouldn't know it since you can "hear" me quite clearly right now, and I can even YELL THINGS TO YOU, but I have spent the first part of my day at work cleaning my desk, washing the windows, bringing boxes from one room to another, etc. becaues of my lack of voice. My main job is phone-based and it's so weird to have calls coming in for me and not take them, or having calls to make and having to transfer to the documents to others. My poor co-workers are making the calls I should be making and receiving calls I should be receiving. But at least it's Friday and it's a slow day for them over in the other department (people in my office area don't speak English and that's the "side" I take care of).

Anyway, it's so nice to be able to communicate... Writing is an amazing gift!

Makes me think of UmmBasma on youtube (I think that's her username but I may have to correct it) who can sign and has some signing videos on there (she can also speak and hear). She's a niqabi and it's amazing that she can get so much across with her movements and signing, even if we can't see her face. We miss expressions, mouthing of words and parts of the signs which incorporate parts of the face, but she is still seriously expressive! :)

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