Sunday, February 15, 2009

I am 1/6 of the way

... to completing one of the things on my list. I went out to an indoor amusement place with my daughter and husband (after playing outside for some time, it was a nice day; coldish but sunny). It's a really neat place that has lots of fun thing for all ages. My 21 month old daughter just goes nuts in the 0-6 area that has playhouses, a min-trampoline, dolls, tubey thingies, a blow up jump thing and a bunch of mini-farm-like toys. It also has sporty things where you throw a football, kick a soccer ball or shoot a basketball as well as air hockey and fooseball. And a bunch of Wiis and Playstations.

BUT the thing that completed 1/6 of one of the things on my list is that I spent 10 minutes on the massage chair they have there. It's not a professional massage like I was thining of having, but seriously, it does the job. When I got up after 10 minutes, I was having trouble walking from my body being so relaxed. It's really more efficient than a person since it can work more than one area at once. The machine doesn't go nuts, but it does usually work more than one part at once. Squeezes and un-squeezes the legs and feet, the bum area, the back goes up to the neck and head. I think a full hour of this chair would be too much. At least at full intensity; it would have to be lowered to like 50% after the first 10 minutes!

So I really enjoyed myself today and tonight. The parc, the amusement parc, grocery shopping so I can cook freely without needing to do magic by conjuring up a meal from almost thin air, and I even went to see a show with my friend and hung out for 2 hours. It's getting laaaate, it's already "tomorrow". And I will do something again tomorrow.

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Asiya Abdullah said...

Great! You sound like you spent a wonderful time! I'm happy for ya sis! God is indeed Kind and Full of Compassion!

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